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  1. It seems like your not playing with a full deck.
  2. Single straight men not allowed to have cats
  3. Heritage Guild in Rahway had a couple in stock a couple weeks ago
  4. Nice guy, Great item, good price
  5. Can some 1 post the adress for me? They block all gun related webpages at work. NJGF works though
  6. You're the idiot. I agree with TheSmokingGun on this one
  7. I had a friend do it to an Eclipse Custom II and he sent it back to Kimber. They did a great job fixing it.
  8. Actually djg is right it will shoot them but there made like crap. I have had ones were the bullet it self falls off. Or it's to big I have a box if you like
  9. As hydro said I think he is making a valid point. It throws the balance of the plane off. Also when the pilot has to increase power to that engine(s) causes the plane to burn more fuel. More fuel means more money. More money the skinny guy is paying for. Think about this if the guy is sitting in a aisle seat and you have to evacuate the plane you screwed. It's going to take him longer to move and slow u down
  10. What ever you want. It will shoot anything. I have not had any issues
  11. All out of state purchases must go through FFL.Pistol has to go through nj FFL. Long gun can go threw the state of purchase FFL
  12. If you got to carry a gun around the yard it's time to move.
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