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  1. A-Tech

    AR-15 pistol?

    I ordered one back in April. Still waiting for mine. I plan on making magazine carriers for them as well.
  2. Thank you for clarifying. I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of how we operate. If you're on Facebook and Instagram, we sometimes post videos of the manufacturing process. Check it out if you're interested in seeing how we do things.
  3. For the sake of making clear to future readers of this thread that we did not simply reply with, "we can't do it", the response sent to you was as follows: "Hello Jxxx, Thank you for contacting us regarding a holster for your CZ. We currently do not make any holsters for CZ at this time. Due to the type of forming process we use, we could not use your firearm to make this holster. I am sorry I cannot help with this specific holster. Thank you, Sales Team Titan Concealment" We plan to expand our model selection to include CZ's. But we do not, under any circumstances use a customer's firearm to make a holster. Both because we are not FFL and also because the end result is nothing close to the quality we strive to deliver with every product. The fit, finish, definition, and reliability do not compare when made from tooling specifically made for manufacturing the gear. With that said, we will never (I say that with total confidence) make a holster with the tactical block on it. This is incredibly rare, as I'm sure you found in a quest for a holster. We need to sell close to 75 holsters of a specific model to justify the time and expense of making one mold. If we made holsters from blueguns like the leather guys used to do, it would be a different story. Again, I'm sorry we couldn't help. We will hopefully have our CZ lineup available in the near future.
  4. I understand completely. I'm a little confused by what you're saying about Savage Holsters though. We are not affiliated with Savage, but I'm surprised they couldn't help as they used to make SP-01 holsters. Our model support will grow again. After the recent change to CNC tooling, the model selection had to be decreased. We once supported 50 different firearm models. There is a tremendous amount of time that goes into designing and producing the molds. The selection you see on the website accounts​ for 90% of the models that are selected by customers, which is why they were made available first. None of that is meant to excuse the inability to help you. It's just an explanation of why we have a more limited selection at the moment. I hope that as our selection grows, we can get something made up for you.
  5. We've never made CZ holsters, and we cannot take possession of someone's firearm as we are not an FFL. All of our holsters have moved over to being made on CNC molds. That means even if we were an FFL, we do not have the means of making a holster with the old school method of forming. The good news is that we will be adding CZ to lineup and they will have a precision fit. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm really happy with this! Stuff like this is on a custom charge basis. If you want yours done I suggest you get in touch with them and ask whatever questions you may have.
  7. I recently had my AR at Modern Materiel for a new coating done on my primary AR. I wasn't happy with the previous coating and Pete was confident that he could hit a home run with it. I left it with him and got pictures back of it being completed sometime around a week of waiting. That's pretty dang fast. I've looked this thing up and down for any flaw I can find and it's perfect. The transition between colors have no texture or transition lines that can be felt by fingernail. It's perfectly smooth, almost like it was printed on. I'm seriously blown away with how amazing this came out. I highly recommend you go see Modern Materiel for a cerakote job! Enjoy some pictures:
  8. Welcome from Roselle Park! Sent from my SM-N930V using Tapatalk
  9. Banks and State offices don't process anything over weekends. Check during the week.
  10. Unless someone brandished a firearm or gets pulled over, what problem would there be?
  11. Just for the record, none of my AR's came from a shelf. I've built them to my liking from the bottom up, each different for their intended use. I have no dog in the fight of which AR to buy.
  12. You're absolutely right. They have been getting demo rifles out to local social shoots and to reviewers online. They've received good word from everyone I have seen and/or know shoot them. I haven't tried one for myself yet but I've been in talks with them about doing a demo. I've held the rifles in my hands and saw what looked like high quality. They cerakote them in NJ as well. The stock was fixed and brake pinned + welded (they make their own brake much like a Surefire or Rebel Arms type). From what I understand they will be filling local retailers soon, so we should see more of them out and about. I know that they have the best of intentions with building a bigger and stronger 2a community in NJ and I'm sure there are many other vendors here that would attest to that. Obviously that has no bearing on the rifles themselves though. Bottom line, I think it's pretty difficult these days, to build an AR that isn't reliable. At $800 you're buying an entry level platform upon which to build from.
  13. There is a new manufacturer in NJ called Modern Materiel that is building NJ legal rifles right out of the box. I think they come in around $800. Support a Jersey company!
  14. Lol. Not sure how I completely overlooked that. Thanks
  15. Did you send any forms of ID with the application?
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