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  1. On a related note, are any CR members willing to do something like a swap & shoot meetup? The idea being we can try out other people's guns that we've always wanted to try for a fee of a couple of bucks? This came to me after going to RTSP to try out some of their 9mm selection; basically I paid $63 for an hour of shooting, putting 5rds each through ten guns I'd never shot before, which worked out to ~$6 per gun. Despite the limited trigger time, I was able to weed out the guns I did terrible with and narrow my selection to three or four I did particularly well with, which are now on my list. From my experience, most gun owners are more than willing to allow fellow enthusiasts to try out their toys, particularly if they're getting reimbursed to cover ammo costs. If there's interest, we can flesh out rules Like the gun should stay at the owner's port and be shot at the owner's target or at steel, and if you're shooting someone else's gun and supplying your own ammo, you must use factory ammo, etc (allowing this would be at owner's preference, presumably at a reduced "rental" fee). Personally I reload, so I'd prefer if you used my reloads rather than factory ammo.
  2. Another +1! Tom is a great guy and was willing to stay late and chat with me as we waited for NICS to clear. Will definitely be going to him first both for purchases and transfers.
  3. Borough of Fair Lawn, NJ - 6 permits for $12 and a Change of Address; dropped off 2/12 and picked up 2/20.
  4. On a related note, are pistol permits capped at a fee of $2 each? My local PD seems to want to charge $5 per permit. I will call them to clarify since a lot of the info that they have posted online seems unclear.
  5. I'm thinking about renting a few guns here that I'm considering buying. What are the typical ammo prices? I see the fee info on the website but no mention of ammo costs per box. I'd be shooting the cheapest 22LR, 40S&W, 45ACP, 38SPL, and maybe 357MAG. Also, will I be allowed to stick adhesive target spots onto their paper targets, and to pick up my spent centerfire brass? And am I obligated to use the entire box in one session?
  6. I've been out of the shooting hobby for a few years, ever since my range membership expired and I didn't bother to renew. I think that was back in early 2013. Have there been any significant changes to gun/ammo laws since then? Specifically: 1) Can I still get rifle ammo shipped to my doorstep?. What about rimfire ammo? Are there FID-address only restrictions? Pistol ammo still needs to be bought at a shop or transferred through a dealer, right? 2) What about powders/primers? I can still get these shipped to me directly from some place like Powder Valley? 3) Are pinned 15/30 or 15/20 PMAGs still legal for use in NJ, or did the law become more strict? Thanks guys!
  7. So I can stick a forward grip on a 10/22 and turn it in for $2000 in tax credit? Sweet!
  8. So weird! That is literally a street away from my parents' house in White Plains.
  9. I wouldn't mind showing the DL - it's the original birth certificate that I have to show the PD every time I apply for permits that I have a problem with. That and the required notarized letter attesting that I haven't been convicted of a crime that hasn't been expunged or sealed, that I'm not an alcoholic or drug addict, nor ever been committed to a mental institution. If it was just a DL I wouldn't complain at all!
  10. I love my Troy folding rear sight. If you ever plan on getting an optic, you might be better off saving up for a folding variant instead. Buy once, cry once may be applicable here.
  11. I reload 9mm, .357, and 5.56, and I would advise that you skip single stage and go straight to a progressive. Unless you are only loading small batches (50-100rds a session), single stage will just be too time consuming. I use a Hornady L-N-L but you can't go wrong with Dillon either, if you have the coin and like blue. The mechanisms on the Dillon seem more elegant (or at least more complex) than the Hornady. From what I've seen, the primary procedural difference between the two is that in the Dillon, caliber changes will be slow if you only use one tool head, or if you have multiple toolheads but only one powder measure. If you plan to buy multiple toolheads each with a dedicated powder measure, then the Dillon wins every time in terms of caliber change speed. With the L-N-L, you can quickly swap out individual dies due to the L-N-L bushings, and if it matters to you, you can still store them in their die boxes with the bushings installed (not sure if this is possible w/Dillon toolheads). The powder drop design is also different, as the Dillon uses a slider bar whereas the Hornady uses a rotating drum.
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