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  1. The first detective that handled the permits was old school and would complete the fingerprint card even though I did the electronic fingerprints. No extra charge for it but was funny. The two detectives that handled it after he retired never asked to do it. It may just be an old school thing or someone following the old school process. If anything, they will call you to have your prints done. They only call me to drop off a check for the permit ($2) with the front desk.
  2. Hmm, curious if everyone made appointments with their local PD before dropping off the application? The folks I personally know have been able to contact their local PD for an appointment although there was one exception where he just dropped it off. I've called my local PD firearm person and left a voicemail. I waited a few days and called the main line. I asked to be transferred to the person who handles firearms application and got the same voicemail box which I left a second voicemail. I haven't heard back. I know it could be prime time for vacations and he is the only one handling applications. In the past, I would just stop by the front desk and drop off my permit paperwork with the front desk. The front desk would witness my signature for the mental health and photocopy my driver's license. The application specifically says to "Call your local police department prior to applying and do not just show up". Debating if I should just drop off the application with the front desk as I have done with pistol permits. I doubt the front desk would know the case # for the finger prints.
  3. For those who submitted the application with the completed qualification, did your proof include all the details as per 5b in the NJSP guidelines. I'm hearing conflicting information about whether all the details are necessary in 5b.
  4. DargZ


    He responds to emails but he seems really busy so I keep them short and to the point. He moved recently so probably still getting settled. I just ran a NICS check for me recently and I'm just waiting for him to get back to me.
  5. I would suggest run what you have for now. I see that you are at OBRPC. There are lots of PCC shooters at matches there. I'm sure you can ask to handle one at a match if you see someone with one. I'm sure they may allow you to shoot it after the match. The CZ Skorpion is just north of your price range but I have not seen them very reliable at matches although that could be user error. The AR based platform offers the most customization. You can elect for different comps, triggers, buffers, bolts, springs, magazine choices, etc. I've also seen some AK style PCC guns out there as well although I do not know the pricing.
  6. DargZ

    Stoeger M3k mod

    Stoeger lists two models of the M3K. Their website doesn't seem to show the capacity. Going thru some dealers websites, it seems the standard M3K has a capacity of 4+1 whereas the M3K Freedom Series has a capacity of 10+1. You should be able to purchase the standard M3K in NJ if you can find one.
  7. One thing to note here is the division you shoot in in Real Deal Steel as it follows Steel Challenge rules. If you are shooting in production division with a Shadow 1 (a gun with an external hammer), the hammer must be down. This can be done by manually decocking (manually lower the hammer) or use the decocking lever. You can practice manually decocking at home during dry fire (with no ammo present). If you are not comfortable with that, you can always shoot in a division that allows you to start in single action and the manual safety engaged like Limited. There's really no disadvantage to shoot in Limited in Real Deal Steel.
  8. Are you into competitive shooting? If so, Aaron is a great guy to train with. I've taken two classes with him. My first class, he was actually really sick but he showed up to teach us anyway. It was a group session so you can drag your buddies out. Even though it was a group session, he kept it small. My second session was actually to prep for my first big area match. His experience in these large matches was really helpful as I was better prepared for the match. Besides the fundamentals, Aaron is great with teaching you the rules of the game. These are the little things that you can do to save yourself a few seconds here and there. Sure, you can spend hours practicing and attempt to get better on your own. My preference was to get as good as I could as quickly as I could. The best part is that he is local in NJ so you do not have to drive 2+ hours. You just show up and shoot. He has everything setup for you in advance.
  9. Have you tried different weight bullets? I did a quick look at the POF site and it seems their barrels are 1:10 twist. My understanding of 1:10 twist is you'll get the better accuracy out of 175 gr or heavier bullets.
  10. Curious...what's wrong with it?
  11. You mentioned you have not taken it out in a while. Maybe the BCG is dragging a bit and some oil is necessary.
  12. Do you know the twist rate? What bullets are you using? Have you also checked your optics or your sights are tight? I have done that once where the optic was moving all over the place cause I forgot to torque it down to spec.
  13. If you plan on modifying the gun, I would suggest starting with a Shadow. No firing pin block to mess with and better hammer. The double action trigger pull is dependent on the hammer.
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