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  1. i was told by eb police recordes lady, no more p2p renewels ,only if providing a good reason.money paied on gun waiting for delivery. is this b.s.?
  2. Its been 4 wks now still waiting for pink card so i can go to work in gun store..I got my p2p in 4 wks from my local pd.Why is this taking so long? i just dont get the BS in this state..
  3. I called east brunswick PD. The lady who works on permits said they had a meeting 2wks ago,they want to stop people who get 3 p2p and drag their feet buying a handgun,and comming to them after 90 days asking for extentions on all 3 permits.I said what about the 30 day law,she said if you buy handgun soon after getting permits it should work out.If not, next time dont get more then 2.Although in the end she said if you have a good reasion extentions will be granted subjuct to their judgment. Is this legeal?
  4. When did this take effict?Any one know for sure? I guess they repiealed the 30 day thing..YEA RIGHT!!!!!
  5. I applied for 3 p2p in east brunswick on july 19 2012.I got the letter today to pick up my p2p .33 days, i cant believe it.Last p2p was applied for on jan 3 2012.I picked them up on april 4 2012.Fourteen weeks.I dont know what changed in 3 months,dont care,this is what i call progress.Nice going east brunswick! I wont mention having tobe re fingerprinted .58 bucks...I guess prints change every few years.sic...
  6. Any news of the east brunswick police range opening to public?
  7. I talked to EB PD permit lady this is comming from the county,the procesicuters office.This is a middlesex county law.WTF..I have a appointment with Morphotrak for next week. 58 bucks .I hope the county uses the money wisely..
  8. Someone please help, after receiving p2p on this past april ,then i was told as long as you are active within 5 yrs. meaning applying for p2p and are already fingerprinted you need not be re fingerprinted . Now i was told when applying again today i need to be fingerprinted because of a law stating "fingerprinting must be done every 5 years" What the f.... I live in east brunswick when did the law change?I was ok back in janurary my last application for p2p.
  9. Was in gun store yesterday,they were talking about state leges. kicking around idea of releaving local pd of issueing p2p andfid.Going to a different system much better then what we have now,anyone shed more light on this?
  10. Some mags have a 1 on the side and some have a 2. New issue maybe? Does it mean anything?
  11. Is this process going to take as long as getting a p2p or fid,in my town it takes 14 weeks.....
  12. You need pink card to work the gun counter in the store.What can i say its NJ>
  13. Two weeks sounds good,i hope for no more then 1 month.Thanks for your reply.
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