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  1. Does anyone have any good ideas too bring your hog to the butcher in an suv? Weather is going to be about 70 so ice is a must! Trying too keep things as neat as I can!!! lol!! Pig should be between 175-250 pounds. Getting it in the cooler whole with ice on it does not seem like it will work out! Any suggestions would be great!!!
  2. Thank you for the info, looking forward to trying this out!! Have a good one!!
  3. Hi everyone, I have a few questions for ya's! I wanted to know if we have a round count for each gun figured out? Are we going to need to shoot slugs and buckshot? If so I have to bring another shotgun, my favorite has a poly on it and not slug friendly! Will I be ok with 10 round mags for the AR? Thanks for letting me pick your brains!! Lisa
  4. I am working on it, hopefully I will see you guys in the A.M!!
  5. Sounds like fun guys, I haven't been out to Clinton in a long time, maybe I could talk the hubby into coming out for a bit! We only have a few clays and I don't think Dicks opens untill 9:00. plenty of guns and ammo and an old thrower that weights a million pounds, if needed we could bring it?
  6. thinking about trying this for the first time, sounds like a lot of fun!!!
  7. He does, but I have not shot it much and I'm not so comfy with it yet! Besides, that's his baby!! lol!!!
  8. Thank you everyone for all the info, if nothing else I will be there tomorrow to help set up and observe. I would love to shoot the match, we will see!! Good luck all, have fun, be safe!!
  9. Sorry Bob, you switched users and I quoted on your site, ooops!!! That was me asking Alec, not Bob!! Revolver no go, ok!!! Thanks!!
  10. I would like to try this tomorrow, is there still room? I have my 12 gauge pump, 22 scoped rifle and 22 handgun, will that work for the match? I was looking at the reg. form and got stuck as to what cat. I will be shooting? Does anyone know what I should put down? thanks guys!!
  11. We are going to the new comers meeting tomorrow to finally join!! I do not think I will be able to make this one because they are running the same time!! Darn!!! Have fun guys!!!
  12. The first one was fun, looking forward to trying this one again!!!
  13. I had a very nice time, thank you everyone for all your advice, help and patience!!! I would love to try this again!!
  14. Thank you, very good to know, with the warm up it might be a bit muddy!!!
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