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  1. Good link Louu. Thank you. That helps, would still appreciate the text or reference if someone has it. Thanks
  2. I understand. I'm just looking for the actual text or reference for it.
  3. can someone post the actual law on how it's legal if you have a FID to transport a long gun and make a deviation? Thank you.
  4. good to see you guys this weekend. Just got the gun all cleaned up. black ooze was coming out of her lol. It's a lot of work but the faces on those kids and adults make my day(except the ones going into my camp lol)
  5. Anyone going? I'll be there from Friday- Sunday. I'll working there in the historical encampment with Garden State Black Powder Association. Stop by and check it out. I'll be letting people shoot my 10 gauge muzzleloader with my buddy Rosey. Stop by and say hi. http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/expo.htm
  6. I have means any time I want I could hook one to it but I really like the blower on it. Don't get me wrong after a hour or so your arm gets tired but it don't take much cranking to get the steel to critical. I use soft coal
  7. Yes its a hand crank air blower. Old school. Gas forge's don't get as hot a soft coal forges. I can go from a cold forge light some newsprint, cover with coal and in about 4 min I'm= at forge welding temperature. That's between 1600-2000 degree's Fahrenheit. I've made nails before. I have a cheater tool for it too. I just got a bunch of files and lawn mower blades to I'm going to make some knives and tomahawks
  8. you don't need a class. read a couple books, watch some youtube, talk to a guy that has done it and start forging. I didn't really have any training other than watching my friend do it once. You learn quick
  9. I recently Started blacksmithing. I have a couple friends in the hobby and decided I wanted to try. Built my own forge out of material that were around. Total cost was about $30. Bought a anvil a little later. I've made a couple things so far. I took a railroad spike and just put a curl on it and then took one and flattened the end. Just to warm up. Next I made a couple lantern holders. Then I made a RR spike knife. Still needs a little work but mostly done. I'm working on a small tomahawk for my son now. Just thought I'd share.
  10. Pietta are great quality made guns. I have a couple. I'm sure you'll be very please. Great part too is if you buy in PA it's just cash and carry. Are you looking to shoot it or just put it on the wall? Also dixons always had some nice used ones too.
  11. I'm bringing the .54 plains pistol, 10 gauge sxs, Hawken, Renegade, and Cherokee. Going to be a lot of smoke and a lot of fun
  12. I kind of feel the opposite. When you look at the recent change allowing center-fire rifles for yotes, I think the laws may start changing in our favor or may even get small caliber center-fire rifle for deer. I personally wish they would offer a separate season for traditional if not like PA a late season flintlock only.
  13. Just debuted at the show. Can take 4 50gr 777 pellets. Not sure how I feel about their new primer system. I think it could get expensive if you like to shoot it. Also I dont really buy the whole breach plug never gets dirty thing. Check out the video if you want.
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