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  1. I see a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking by people who have never been in a situation where you are being shot at/having a gun pointed at you. As someone said before, it's tunnel vision. All your seeing is the guy who is attempting to murder you, and yes, that's what it is. Someone is trying to kill you. It's a pretty scary situation to be in. If you want to blame anyone put it squarely where it belongs. On the guy who murdered his former co worker and pointed a firearm at 2 police officers at 9am on a Friday in the middle of new York city. Those 2 cops have 15 years on patrol in the 4-2 precinct. Believe me, there is not much advice you can give them. By the way, new York city doesn't have a swat team. They have the emergency services unit.
  2. 3 months for me. Had one last weekend when I had a few beers. Hopefully it's the first & last time I break down.
  3. Sorry, to answer your other question, like I said in my original post, the reason I didn't go with that company in florida is they only did curbside delivery. I didn't want to attempt to get a thousand pound safe to the basement myself nor did I want to call a moving company to do it.
  4. Special ops scout, looks like your tracking wrong. First, the internet price I got is from a brick & mortar store in florida which is an authorized liberty safe dealer. Second, I never got into a pissing match with them. I called them and told them I could have it delivered from another liberty safe dealership just like them for a lot less. I asked them if there was anyway they can even come close to that price, not beat it. The person I spoke with told me someone would call me back. They never did. But I'm the one who's wrong?
  5. There was no laser involved. Just a gun. My first day on patrol in Harlem. I was told to make sure 3 people stayed on the ground at gun point while the 2 cops who were training me ran after another guy who headed towards the roof of a building. I was 20 years old. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Life's not like the movies. If you want another example, my father owned bars in the Bronx growing up. He was held up twice at gunpoint. He always tells about one of those times there was an older guy and a younger guy, the younger guy was nervous and kept shaking. My father said he was afraid to take a deep breath because he might spook the guy and make him nervous. I would disagree with you 100% on this from first hand experience. If you can give first hand experience on this than fill me in.
  6. Let us know what they said when you asked them to match it.
  7. When SHTF, the truck didn't say "freds safes & ammo" giving the impression that I'm storing guns, it said "the safe man". Now, your average burglar doesn't know that people are getting a 1000 lb safe delivered because they have a shit load of guns to put in it. They think that its filled with gold bars & cash. Why? Because they are usually morons. You really don't know how criminals think. By the way, I live in Westfield, it's one of the better towns in NJ. Thats why we have burglaries here.
  8. I don't think it's tin foil hat stuff. I live in a decent area. In saying that there has probably been 3-4 burglaries on my street in the past 5 years. I don't think it's a good idea to announce to the entire neighborhood that I have enough valuable stuff in my house that requires a truck to deliver a safe to put it all in. One of those burglaries I mentioned happened to a house right next door to me. The people moved in with a moving company, the moving company brought a 200 lb safe to the attic. 3 weeks later their house was broken into, the 200 lb safe was pushed down 2 flights of stairs completely chewing them up on the way down. The people who live there pulled into their driveway & saw their curtains moving & called the police. By the time the cops got there the safe was pried open (don't know why they just didnt do it in the attic, maybe so they would be closer to the back door to escape) and they were in the wind. the master bedroom was not touched neither was any other area of the house. Burglars do not head to the attic when they break into a house. It was obviously the movers or their friends. So in saying all that do you still think it's a good idea to have a truck like that in your driveway?
  9. I Looked into them. Go to www.libertysafeusa.com they give you a free e lock, curbside delivery & their prices are cheaper. They are actually an official liberty safe dealer in florida. I called the place in mt laurel & asked them why it was almost $700 cheaper To buy the same safe and have it shipped from Florida and he starts bitching that they are undercutting all the other liberty safe dealers and it's not right!!! I asked him if he could come close to the price (I wanted basement delivery which libertysafeusa unfortunately doesn't do, just curbside) and he said he would call me back. Well, he never did and right now I have a fort Knox in my basement which I bought from The safe man In alpha nj (I have my complaints with them too, foremost that they show up with a truck in my driveway that says "the safe man", seriously? How retarded is that?).
  10. Not trying to sound racist but I don't believe in PC BS so here ya go. 2 young black males with guns, cash, tasers & ninja clothing in their car? They are not tutors. Push in robbery guys maybe but they are not going to help you understand calculus better.
  11. I can tell you from first hand experience, when your pointing a gun at someone & your hand is shaking people comply a hell of a lot quicker than when your calm, cool & collective & it's obvious you know what your doing. No one wants someone who's nervous pointing a loaded firearm at them.
  12. I don't believe much of anything I read on snopes anyway. They are far from impartial and lean wayyyyyy left. That said maybe it is some a hole in the bank pushing his own beliefs but BOA should keep tabs on their people. They will be the first ones in line to take whatever they can off you if your down on your luck. Do not for one second give them the benefit of the doubt! I wonder if the people at this bank have any problems with armed guards protecting their cash?
  13. Bottom line is, not one of us were there. Zimmerman is a cop fighting scumbag in my book right off the bat but the kid he killed is no angel either. I couldn't give a rats a** if George Zimmerman spends the rest of his life behind bars but I think the kid he killed might be more to blame for this than him.
  14. Thinking of getting one and doing a little research, came across a website that sells wood furniture to replace the stock & handle. Looks pretty nice when it's switched out. Anyone try this? Is it difficult to do?
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