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  1. 3 months for me. Had one last weekend when I had a few beers. Hopefully it's the first & last time I break down.
  2. Sorry, to answer your other question, like I said in my original post, the reason I didn't go with that company in florida is they only did curbside delivery. I didn't want to attempt to get a thousand pound safe to the basement myself nor did I want to call a moving company to do it.
  3. Special ops scout, looks like your tracking wrong. First, the internet price I got is from a brick & mortar store in florida which is an authorized liberty safe dealer. Second, I never got into a pissing match with them. I called them and told them I could have it delivered from another liberty safe dealership just like them for a lot less. I asked them if there was anyway they can even come close to that price, not beat it. The person I spoke with told me someone would call me back. They never did. But I'm the one who's wrong?
  4. There was no laser involved.
  5. Let us know what they said when you asked them to match it.
  6. I can tell you from first hand experience,
  7. People should see that video. You know what? If that guy slowed down 10 miles and stayed in the right lane it wouldn't have happened. I drive pretty fast but I'll tell you what, when the roads are wet I slow it down. When there is ice or snow on the road I won't go further than my local 7-11. The last time I had so much as a fender bender (while not at work)was 20 years ago when I got rear ended at a stop sign. Point is, that accident would never happen to me.
  8. Hey guys. What 7.62x39 ammo would you recommend? Most of the ammo I see on line is steel casing. There doesnt seem to be much of an alternative???
  9. NJSP have to be one of the most squared away group I have ever come across. Being in the NYCPD I have to say there were a lot of great cops who were the best at what they do but as far as appearance & professional attitude you can't hold a candle to these guys!
  10. Thanks anthony. I always wondered what movie that was also! That scene always stuck out in my mind!
  11. Well if your paranoid don't buy from the safe man in alpha. My cousin bought one from there and they show up in his driveway with a truck that says "the safe man" on it. Nice way to draw attention to yourself!!!
  12. Does he have his hand in his pocket? He's so casual & deadly. Oh, either that or he's clueless.
  13. Exactly. You can spend 10 grand on a safe if you want. Bottom line is, the guy who breaks into your house is more than likely not going to bother trying to break into an 800 lb safe. The guy who knows what he's doing and can easily break into your safe doesn't prowl around the suburbs breaking into random houses. Another factor that I had was getting my safe into my basement. A lot of places that sell safes would not deliver a safe Into my basement that was over a certain weight. My other option was to hire a moving company. I'm pretty sure it's a safer bet hiding all my guns/valuables under my bed than having a moving company do that job.
  14. Is just having it in your possession against the law or does it have to be attached/proximity to the firearm??
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