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  1. Sorry that I haven't been on here lately. The barrel has been purchased, and new frontier armory polymer lpk just came back in stock today so i ordered 2. I will get going on the pistol permit soon so then i can find an ffl to order the lower followed by the rest of the parts. Sorry that i've been taking a long time with this but it is underway and will happen.
  2. You are right PK. I expect this to be a little challenging.
  3. So I found a custom barrel maker (deadshot barrels) online today and had quite a few correspondents with the owner who is now making me a custom 6" 300blk barrel. Now he said that he wasn't sure what the exact weight would be other then he said that it would be under 14 ounces which is what i told him my requirement was under 14oz. In about 3 weeks I should have it.
  4. Are there any gunsmiths on the forum willing to do some pro bono work cutting down and recrowning this barrel so we can make this project happen?
  5. Updated with new barrel and a few other parts. Other corrections have been made and parts list has been broken down further. I think at this point if i can find someone to cut the thread area cut down and recrown the barrel for a very reasonable price we are there. If need be I will spring for a much higher price but lower weight upper or I will mill some weight out of the anderson one. Looking for all the help i can get before I start buying parts. Side note: so far this is right about at $800 with all parts and misc expenses.
  6. PK I am not sure because i don't have the lpk in my possession but when I asked the new frontier armory what the total weight of the kit was thats what they told me. do you think that's off in your opinion? Thanks for all input thus far.
  7. honestly it looks like to me if this thing is going to get off the ground i'll need to get a barrel that is sub 14 ounces
  8. I considered that Jon and ultimately i thought i would end up going with just the barrel with the threads ground down to save that little bit of weight. I think if I'm going to take $100 barrel and put a $100 of labor into it to do that I might as well try to find someone to make a custom lightweight 300 aac barrel. right?
  9. 9oz is for the whole bcg. Sorry about the confusion with the kak buffer tube kit. that weight listed is with the Taccom lightweight carbine buffer replaicing the standard one from the kit. I forgot to list it.
  10. OK so I haven't even heard any talk of trying this in NJ. 5.56 ar barreled pistol sure, but short barrels is what the 300 aac was made for. So i put together a parts list to see how close to sub 50oz's as i could. It's pretty close and there are 3 things that come to mind where i think i could find lesser weight items. The upper receiver, the buffer tube kit, and the barrel. I know there are some lighter weight options available but I am trying to spend as little as possible on this to get it done. I also have a legal question about this build. Suppose i do the build am i allowed to put an optic like a red dot on this as long as the assembled pistol is less than 50oz without it? I appreciate any and all input. My ultimate goal is to make this build happen so I can share the parts list with others to be able to enjoy as well. Update: I jumped in head first and started ordering parts today (7/1). Here is where I'm at now on paper: LW Blackout Pistol Build Anderson Sport upper Aim Surplus 39.99 6.8oz Tegra Lower Tegra Arms 79.99 3.7oz Lower Parts Kit New Frontier 42.79 4.4oz Purchased V7 LW gasblock Vertex ops 67.90 0.8oz Noveske Gas Tube Midway Usa 11.99 0.6oz Charging Handle PSA 24.99 1.3oz Custom 6" Deadshot barrel Deadshot barrels 90.00 13.0oz (est) Purchased LW bolt carrier Rubbercity 179.00 6.8oz AO bolt Midway Usa 45.99 1.6oz Cam Pin and Retaining pin Midway Usa 5.00 0.4oz Spikes Pistol Buffer Tube Spikes 35.00 5.0oz Taccom LW buffer Tacticallink 21.95 1.2oz V7 ti castle nut&endplate V Seven 59.00 0.5oz DPMS buffer spring Midway Usa 3.49 2.1oz Titanium barrel nut Vertex ops 64.99 0.8oz TOTAL: 47.8oz MISC: Pistol permit when buying lower
  11. I've seen it almost everywhere I've gone to drink in NJ over the past 10 years. This year I even had a friend who loves in San Francisco text me a picture of them serving it regularly in a local bar there.
  12. I can put together a complete rifle with stripped lower and lpk, buffer assy, and stock. I would just buy a fully assembled upper for a total of about 450 based on current market prices and frequency of sales. The decision is yours.
  13. Dan hit the nail on the head. And it's worth it to me to not go around buying all sorts of blemished seconds to throw together to save a few bucks like Eric is calling for. I decided to go ahead with getting the gun for $700 that we ended up agreeing upon. Thanks everyone who had valid contributions especially Dan.
  14. He did not tell me how much he paid for it. Just that he bought it from his friend who gave him a "very good deal." I don't know if he is going to take it in for a trade in value unless i decide i don't want it. I'm thinking it would be fair to offer him $600?
  15. Hey everyone. I would really appreciate a little help with this. I've been looking to get another AR and my friend said he was planning on just trading this one in to the gun store when he picks up a new gun he ordered. He told me to throw out a number to him (which i hate). I wish he would just tell me how much he wants. He also said he got a a great deal on the gun and he wants to pass that on to me. A couple details that aren't listed in the specs in the picture- It's a DI gun. It does not come with an optic and I'm not sure it will even come with the sights that are on it now so lets assume no sights and no optic. It has about 500 rounds through it according to him. It is 100% NJ compliant. I don't think think it comes with any magazines so lets assume that. What would be a very good deal for me to offer to pay for this without insulting my friend knowing that he said he wants to give me a great deal on it. Thanks!
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