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  1. Alexapure breeze been using it 2 years best thing i ever bought no more dust and i can breath better at night really helps if you have allergy's
  2. This is a form for a gun that does not exist.This form is for a gun with a fixed magazine capacity thats over 15 rounds there is no gun made that holds 15 rounds that has a fixed magazine.This does not apply to an ar with detachable magazine.
  3. If you like fresh meaty crispy chicken then get popeyes. If you like rubbery tasteless microwaved chicken thats tougher than a dogs chew toy and like your chicken from Chernobyl farms then KFC.
  4. Nosler .223 bullets. I'm currently more than full on heads. But an FYI because I buy a fair ammount of hornady and nosler and have an idea on current pricing. 

    The 60 gr varmint are $54.95 at midway per 250, and  "blems" are $42.37 at shooter pro shop which is the cheapest place I have found nosler stuff, and from what I have received, the blems are as perfect looking as the stuff I have bought off midway in the past. 

    For the 55gr varmgeddons  It's $41.49 per 250 shooter pro shop 

    They show green tip but boat tail, which is odd and and pre date the varmageddon branding. But even if they are the equivalent of the modern orange tipped, it's still $53.90 at midway and $46.12 at shooter pro shop. 

    Not trying to low ball you. I looked because nosler 60gr, was like meh on the price, checked my inventory and more .223 heads are NOT what I need right now;)



    1. alarmwizz


      Thats why i have make me an offer prices are all over the place online some are out of stock so have old price listings and some charge shipping.

  5. I applied for my NJ FID 15 yrs ago at the State police barracks off of route 54 they would not take my application without a copy of my birth certificate.So this is nothing new a few years later i applied for pistol permits i wanted 4 i was told no the limit was 3 i questioned it i was told i was wrong that the website info was not correct i had to void out the money order and go get another for 3 permits.Everyone told me to question them dont take anything from them tell them what the law is now it takes 6 months for permits and the last time i had to call trenton because they claimed they never got them they were sent down 2 mores times and they still claimed they never got them the 4th set magically arrived almost 7 months later.
  6. It depends how they were pinned if there epoxied shut then its not worth trying.If there not then you can get mag blocks for them its not that hard to do.It all depends on type of mag and how they were done.
  7. I responded to the marketplace ad for the suomi m31 ,carcano is selling his email was listed in the ad so I emailed him right after he posted the ad I got an email from him saying he could meet me that night dec 9th.I sent him an email back three minutes after his reply asking where he wants to meet 4hrs no reponse after 4 emails and two days later no response I found another of his ads and his cel number was listed called his cel got his voicemail and left a message.Now the ad says sold pending funds so he was supposed to meet me and its been 3 days with no response.So buyer beware guys who does business like this.Also it said in the ad about shipping the gun to a nj ffl which is a little shady.
  8. I also sent him 2 pms with no response both pm's are still unread
  9. I picked up a yugo m57 pistol from joe he is an honest stand up guy i would buy from him again.
  10. I watched the show last year and loved it i forgot it was a dvr show and decided to watch it live big mistake the show was 30 minutes and the other hour and a half was commercials.The premiere was pretty good but im going to dvr and fast forward past the commercials for the rest of the season.
  11. Me and my father turned in the paperwork at the same time for permits he got his in 4 months im still waiting.Its 4 months and two weeks for me i called the state police they called trenton and called me back and said the paperwork was screwed up so they are resending up to trenton.They screwed up on there end not me i asked and i was told others were screwed up also.The guy that filled in while he was on vacation did something wrong on everyones paperwork while he was away so they all have to be redone.I go to the state police off of route 54 we dont have local police anymore.
  12. I had the same problem i moved here from pa and i have a glenfield model 60.I ordered a new tube from numrich it ended up being the same one i had an 18 round which i sent back for a refund.Numrich said they do not carry a 15 round tube for the older long magazine tube style rifle only the newer short tube models.So i called a gunsmith in millville and for 26.00 he crimped it for me and made it 15 rounds.I was going to try and do the pipe cutter with a washer trick which i hear works great but if i ruined the tube it would be cheaper to let the gunsmith do it.Plus if i ran into legal trouble a NJ gunsmith did the work not me so it covered my butt legally.
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