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  1. I got the same message about the fingerprint record not being found.I got my FID in 1983.Called my local pd and they said I would need to get my fingerprints redone do to how long ago I was originally fingerprinted.
  2. Thanks !! Looking forward to shooting outdoors again.Anyone purchase the target stands that are sold at the range. $25 does not seem to bad and they fold up.Was going to make my own.It Was To crowded to check then out on Sunday before I left.
  3. Yesterday was new member orientation day. I finally joined .It was standing room only so lots of cars all over.Luckily I can go during the week
  4. HI all .Been reading some back post on this .Im kinda on the fence with this Would like to get some opinions . Not looking to start a debate lol.I usually travel to Maine for about 3 weeks a year or less.Travel by pickup.I am aware of the FOPA act and have read through it I have read the laws of the 3 evil states I must pass through.Got a headache reading them.I understand all the magazine regulations for each state and the locked container for the firearm.I would be going over the Tapppan Zee so away from the City. Was even considering leaving my mags and ammo home and use my friends he is a Maine resident.Both have a Shield in 9. As we know im good in New Hampshire and Maine .Thanks. Dont worry about and Sarcasm its cool with me lol
  5. HI all, Finally getting back into my shooting hobby.Was considering joing Cherry Ridge .I have read most of the back posts on when the crowds are and good times to go.I would be going mid week say Tues -Thurs around 10am .Was wondering if anyone could give me an update on how the range is during this time.Been using GFH for my indoor range. Thanks for your time.
  6. My Town has added a form since I last applied. Its called a Next Of Kin Form. Not going to fill it out but want to hear the explanation of this.All my forms are done online so just need to print when done then go over to PD.
  7. NO he is not going to shoot it.Just wants the brass.Hopefully he can clean it up.That salt water is nasty stuff.Cant believe what it did after 1 day of being on everything!!
  8. Hey Guy's. I gave the ammo to someone local. Thanks for the replies.
  9. HI All.Had my 1st floor flood and have 250rds 9mm that got wet and are all tarnished and rusty.Local PD still not in there regular home and cant do anything with it.Any suggestions. Maybe State police or county PD ? Thanks
  10. Took a ride there this morning and shot for the first time.Put 150 rounds through my PX4 with out a single problem.Happy about that.Must say for 10:30 am on a tuesday there was a 15 minute wait for a port.Nice range and nice staff.. Just a little far for me
  11. Hey guy's it a full size. It does look kinda small in the picture.Still have yet to shoot it.Hopefully soon !!
  12. That does takes some @#@#@ with that strapped on lol !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yes it was Lisa. Thanks Guys !
  14. Thats a Parts cup I got wow I was drinking expresso out of it lol.Bluelinefish can you remind me what the girls name is at Casos behind the counter.I talked to her for like an hour and dont recall here name. Tks
  15. I have my eye ( only the left one so far lol ) on the Kimber Ultra Carry II in stainless. THe right eye is still looking if you know what I mean lol
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