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    Target shooting, quality time at the range. Sunset hill range in PA is a great place for everyone.
  1. Thanks guys! i'll try and find a pic of the 29.
  2. Hey everybody! Just signed up tonight because there's a lot of good info here! I am a gun advocate and want to be active in gun safety and for changes to NJ's crazy gun laws. I believe the country should have standardized gun laws, not each state making up their own. simply, it's unconstitutional. I've had love of guns since i was a boy. got to shoot my first rifle in my teens and it was awesome (i wasn't a bad shot either)! last year i went out to PA to the sunset hill range and to shoot the guns of my dreams! from a little ruger 22 plinking pistol, glock 9mm, mil-spec AR-15, desert eagle 44 mag and a S & W 44 magnum just like dirty harry's! I have to say i'm forever hooked. Now i'm looking for a gun of my own but prices are insane! i'm considering building an AR-15 as i'm studying some gunsmithing courses and am pretty mechanically competent. Well that sums me up. Hope to make some friends here and to keep the hobby strong!
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