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  1. touche...less multitasking for me
  2. Constitution written out in color as a mosaic (or whatever the right term is) to be the American Flag...pretty cool & wanted to share http://shirt.woot.com/offers/the-reason-for-the-season
  3. Here's the Washington Post link directly http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2013/04/18/majority-of-americans-say-guns-make-homes-safer/?wprss=rss_the-fix Great survey EXCEPT they didn't ask the critical question of "do you have hands on experience with firearms?" I think most of us agree that once people get their hands on it and realize it doesn't shoot itself and have explosive plane killing rounds they have a better understanding that the owner of the trigger finger is the problem more than the tool. Regardless wanted to share
  4. see TTAG article linked here for policeone.com survey asking questions about proposed gun laws, concealed carry, etc. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/04/daniel-zimmerman/question-of-the-day-do-you-know-more-about-guns-than-15000-cops-mr-president/
  5. might i suggest this be in the running (if you're purchasing just for the occasion) http://www.rangerup.com/freemen.html
  6. @OP - Not sure you objective here, but if you're trying to collect the information from those in a best position to give an informed opinion you'll need to get an anonymous survey method. Unfortunately the only truly anonymous method would be an arduous in-person survey similar to our voting procedures, but with no electronic records directly produced because then you could tie responses to the officer with timestamps. My proposal would be a sign-in sheet with badge number (for authentication purposes) and PD/precinct filled in randomly to avoid that same timestamp issue and a simple survey (less than 10 questions) with yes/no or a 1-5 (Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) scale. No handwriting that could be matched to other samples. End of the day, good luck getting approval to collect that information AND fighting the inevitable "how do we know you didn't cook the books" BS from people who will instantly slam you for NOT doing it electronically because it would be "safe and secure". Unless you want to invent a chunk of money in security and such something as simple as survey monkey isn't going to give your respondents the security & confidentiality they seem to need.
  7. Just sharing...HiViz has followed Magpul out of the state http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/04/daniel-zimmerman/breaking-hiviz-says-adios-to-colorado/#more-214465
  8. Yeah I'd think it would be a career limiting maneuver for them to comment in an auditable forum. Simply the org structure: they are employees of the city/county/state and their careers are controlled by the politician in charge. I'd imagine it's the same reason we're not hearing from active duty mil. The few I've talked to have echoed a 2A friendly stance but not about to write it up because their careers and putting food on the table are subject to how the politicians like them. Sad and scary because you realize it will take an extreme event to make it worth the risk to them and their families to go against the status quo. Not an enviable position...
  9. dunno what your requirements are but I got a Prius V (2012) and love it. Tons of people and cargo room and I'm averaging over 44mpg. Yeah it's a Prius but I don't really give a damn what other people think, it's good for me and my family and when I move down south I'll put my NRA sticker on it. I also hear Subaru just came out with an Outback that has some hybrid tech in it you may want to look at
  10. Wonder if Biden has any liability for saying that on air in a recorded video... Lawsuit against that clown would be great
  11. Man am I glad I found this thread. @HighExposure: the pic on TNVC's site for the device you linked shows it being used as a weapon optic as well as a monocular...is that a croc o shiz marketing pic or could it actually be used for that (although probably absurdly heavy)? That same site lists some thermals in the same price range as what you linked (i.e. http://tnvc.com/shop/flir-scout-ts24/)...curious as to why you reach for the NV vs the Thermal/FLIR in your experience. Is this just a preference thing?
  12. my response to Holt, just sent Itemized responses to your reply dated 8-Feb regarding gun control legislation. 1) Face-to-face ammo purchases cut out key contributors to the economy and do nothing to improve the process. If ammo retailers needed to see an ID card or a drivers license number that can easily be collected online. Feel-good legislation with negative economic impact for both retailers and consumers 2)I invite you to take a home invasion prep class (available in NJ) and limit yourself to a 5 round magazine and see how you fair. Keep in mind average # of assailants in home invasions when victim is home is between 3 & 4; and this isn't one-hit-kills like James Bond 3) NICS improvement was actually passed under Bush after Va.Tech; but this administration has withheld over 80% of the funds allocated to fix the system. Why are you wasting time re-passing the same legislation? 4) If NJ laws do such a great job at violent crime prevention how do you explain Camden and Newark? FBI stats show high population areas with strict gun control have exponentially higher gun crime than those when civilians have CCW rights. Newark's mayor (also a democrat) has spoken at length about this. 5)The only common sense in your entire email was reference to the SCOTUS Heller vs DC case. Everything else is knee-jerk feel-good ideas based on ignoring the facts and being uneducated and/or outright biased against firearms. While I'd welcome an actual thought out response or dialog on this topic I don't anticipate it. Assuming you're unwilling to listen to reason or statistics I will be voting and donating to your competition as readily as I can.
  13. I'm straight up ticked because on election day I was in district 7 and voted for Leonard Lance (pro 2A GOP) but by the time Newtown happened I got gerrymandered into district 12...gotta love corruption for votes!
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