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  1. Granby140@aol.com

    5.56 bolt actions?

    Mossberg mvp dho UK lf fit your needs or the ruger american ranch
  2. Granby140@aol.com

    Machining mill

    Haha i tsgged him.on mewe lol
  3. Granby140@aol.com

    Free! Mossberg furniture set

    I never heard back? Text me 973 725 0466
  4. Granby140@aol.com

    Free! Mossberg furniture set

    will pm you tom
  5. Granby140@aol.com

    Free! Mossberg furniture set

    If he cant get together with you im.in wayne and can grab this
  6. Granby140@aol.com

    disposing of old gasoline

    Use it to light a pallet bonfire
  7. Cant get more American than this
  8. Granby140@aol.com

    Wts a bunch of long guns

    Great seller to work with.
  9. Granby140@aol.com

    Wts springfield xd45 4.0 mod.2

    Also interested in trades before the private sales end. Interested in bolt guns that take ar mags, 4uger precision rimfire, ruher americ rimfire, 357 lever action. Other trades considered just no hi points or keltecs
  10. Granby140@aol.com


  11. New phone and fat fingers make this typing hard for me lol
  12. Csnget 150nfornit at the next buyback in willngsboro on theb22nd
  13. Wts springfield xd45 with 100ish rounds down the barrel. $500, comes with 6 mags. Located in 07444
  14. Granby140@aol.com

    Wts 10/22 barrel

    Up for sale is a 10/22 barrel with a very low round count. Only selling because ibswitched to a bull barrel. $40 located in 07444

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