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  1. The 45lc post? Its sold
  2. 10mm? That be interesting
  3. Looking for a 45lc, 30 carbine, 17hbmr or possibly a 357 ruger single action. Located in 07444
  4. Try to get your hands on a restaursnt depot card. If you know anyone at a deli or restaurant or if you own any type of business u can get one
  5. Is that poly or alum
  6. If falls thru my.offer stands still
  7. Good luck. People arent giving them up
  8. $100? Disreguard my pm.offer didnt see ur price
  9. How much jay?
  10. Its saad we even have to ask this
  11. Thi ssounds just like my.tmy.town lol
  12. Want private to avoid the nics debacle of waiti g god knows how long. I have never gone after work to pick so.ething snd left the same night with the gun
  13. I have some. Message me
  14. Shoot me an E mail at


    I will be busy on morning, and in the evening.

    I have to go out on Sunday, but should be free before lunch.