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  1. If not i will tKe it
  2. Idoes it fit on other weaver scopes? I cracked 1 cap as well
  3. Orange beef
  4. Mossberg 695 $300
  5. Anyone have a pink crickett sitting around they dont use and want to get rid of cheap? Friends daughter is about readh to start shooting and wanted to start her off with this. Im located in pompton plains
  6. Anything. On these?
  7. I could use the other one.
  8. I got the compact and love it. Greatshooter
  9. Bluelinefinish how did they respond
  10. Which mags does it take?
  11. Whats a good price to pay on a 1940 colt police positive 22 6inch target with adjustable sights? Older gentleman wants to sell it and i see prices going all over the board.
  12. Is the pilot lite always on for the birners?
  13. Ill be home sat call me sunday
  14. Also have a fn ballista unfired in box
  15. Whats unusual to you? I have an ar in 277 im lookkbg to dump