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  1. Spoke to my FFL today and he said that they (NICS) worked Sunday and Monday.
  2. Submitted 5/14 Received 5/28 (14 Days)
  3. I got my three permits on May 9, made my first purchase on May 14 and still waiting for NICS. I have two more handguns on order and I realize that unless some significant headway is made resolving the NICS delay situation that I will have to request an extension on one of my permits. That said, when I picked up my permits the clerk said that if I need an extension that I should come in at least two weeks before the expiration date.
  4. Thanks, I had no idea what was involved. Guess I'll just go for an extension if I need it.
  5. I received 3 permits on May 9th,used one on May 14th and I am waiting for the NICS check to come back. Since I have two permits left is it possible to request a multigun exemption for them?
  6. Just picked up 3 P2P's in Randolph, took exactly 7 weeks. This was a lot less than my application two years ago for my FID and 3 P2P's which took 16 weeks.
  7. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I submitted my application for 3 pistol permits. I was told when I submitted the application that 4 weeks used to be typical but now the wait is 6 - 8 weeks. It originally took almost 5 months to get my FID plus 3 pistol permits.
  8. When applying for pistol permits if you use the same two references that you used on past applications will the PD once again send a reference letter to them since the information is already on record?
  9. Don't know if this has been posted. Olympic Arms is ceasing all business in New York. I guess that means law enforcement too? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/17/firearms-manufacturer-ends-sales-to-new-york-in-wake-new-gun-law/
  10. I believe that Texas is going to get quite crowded in the coming years. I for one am seriously looking at retiring there in the next couple of years.
  11. I didn't understand the point he was trying to make. He mentioned that 809 firearms were confiscated so far this year from drug dealers, gang bangers, and other assorted felons.
  12. Just watching a news conference held by the Chicago Chief of Police. He was talking about mandatory prison sentences for those that illegally own firearms, went on to talk about convicted felons recently caught possessing firearms that have committed homicides, and those murdered by convicted felons using firearms. After that he emphasized that despite what gun advocate groups say, neither Chicago nor Illinois have strict gun laws and said that stricter gun control laws are needed in addition to mandatory prison sentences of those caught illegally in the possession of a gun. I thought that Chicago has very strict firearms laws as does Illinois. This is is response to the young girl that was gunned down by a gang banger shooting at other gang bangers and the upcoming visit by Obama.
  13. I was looking at an interactive map that shows the percentage of murders that involved a firearm by state and took a look at the FBI Uniform Crime Report data. The websites are : http://www.guardian....-map-statistics http://www.fbi.gov/a...us/cjis/ucr/ucr A quick look showed that in 2011 NJ had a greater percentage (71%) of murders involving guns than Texas (64%). Illinois came in at 83%. So the states with the strictest gun control laws have a greater percentage of gun related murders that the free state of Texas. I wonder how many of these homicides involved handguns that are not on anyone's AWB list? Do politicians ever look at statistics? Like Rahm Emanuel said "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before".
  14. I've watched that video and I thought it would be the same but the bearings that I got have a small hole, much to small for the extractor to fit through it like the S&W video.
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