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  1. I do the monthly subscription and picked it up when they were running a 20% off sale. Anytime i pick up gear from them i use a coupon code to cut the costs. Like the coffee better than most of the retailed bagged ground coffee.
  2. Yup Green Tips. Just thought it was funny that they didnt ask for FPID or Drivers License. No ID required. Wasn't really a walk of shame cus i just tell them i am gonna keep shopping as i wanted to look at a Stack On cabinet nd he said he would just leave them up front for me.
  3. Picked up 2 in East Brunswick today. No FPID check. No drivers license check. He was nice enough to carry them up front for me though. LOL
  4. Got an email they are having a flash sale, Today Only June 20th. Also got an email with a 20% off coupon. Exlusions say not valid on Firearms or ammo but you never know. Check your emails if you have a Dicks Rewards card.
  5. Deal just went up on slickguns.com. Lets see how fast there is a run on it now. I will head back tomorrow and grab some as I think it is a pretty good price.
  6. Just picked up another 2 boxes from my local Dicks. Guy behind the counter had to restock the shelves. Said they had plenty in the back.
  7. I picked up 2 boxes the other day but then my coupon expired wehn i went back to look at it on my phone. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Put my pre-order in and will be heading down Saturday to pick it up.
  9. .22 LR 36 Grain PLHP (Golden Bullet) Per 525 Regular Price: $23.99 total came to $30 with shipping. Not bad http://www.cabelas.com/product/Remingtonreg-22-LR-Rimfire-Ammunition/734676.uts?avad=48247_b4a66517&WT.mc_id=al35987&rid=12&WT.tsrc=AFF#productChart
  10. Ain't no gaming unit better than a DreamCast. Marvel VS Capcom
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