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  1. Alec shoot me a text. Id be willing to head up the steel group buy personally. Just dont have a vehicle to transport it. Henry
  2. No worries. Thats between me, the state police, and the outside billing company. Just glad its resolved
  3. You check was lost with 3 others. As I told you this morning, I resubmitted and should have an answer later today or tomorrow.
  4. Just send it out with an invoice and copy of your drivers license.
  5. Check out the Sturdy Safe Company. They make a really really nice safe for the money. their features vs. other safe manufacturers put them at a very good value for the price.
  6. Check out a Zero Tolerance 0300. I have a 0200 and its AWESOME. built like a tank. Henry
  7. I have a couple certs you might be interested in, and have some friends who might be able to help in other areas. Shoot me a PM.
  8. I dont have the case law in front of me, but in a somewhat recent court decision it was held that towns will not be held to the 30 day rule in NJAC. When questioned the NJSP believes the 30 day clock, if it even exists any more, does not begin until all information is returned to the PD. Im not saying I agree with it, but its the hand we're dealt.
  9. I own 357 revolvers and am looking for a Lever action to match. I am pretty well set on a Win, but have a call into Henry to see if they will make a 1 off gun for me when these things slow down. the marlin seems to be a popular choice, but their quality control since being bought by Remington and moving factories is terrible.
  10. If by the 30 day clock does not start at all you mean that the 30 day rule was essentially trashed by the courts, then yes. But the official answer from the Firearms Investigation unit as a clarification of NJAC is that the clock starts once your PD receive all the INFO back. Feel free to call them and find out for yourself.
  11. Im going to sound like a loon but I don't like them. The cylinder release doesn't work well for me, and the clockwise cylinder rotation is weird. Henry
  12. this is a sticky situation now. Used revolver prices are pretty inflated now because new revolver stock is so difficult to come by. Check out gunbroker. Used revolvers are going for what they used to go for new, and the new Smiths are going for 5-10% above MSRP Henry
  13. 686 4" for a 6 shot 627 for an 8 shot. I am a smith lover. Henry
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