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  1. If you look at some of the youtube videos that test various pepperball brands out there, it seems fairly ineffective unless you get them near their face. Accuracy is also an issue at any distance.
  2. You seem to have all the evidence. Why not take it to the Mayor's office. Unless the guys who run MSC are related to or are buddies with him. Have a reporter at NJ.com or other news agency create a juicy investigative journalism story. The thing about NJ is that we expect to pay more for everything, and just roll over(or bend over) and pay. More people have to do what you did and investigate exactly why it costs so much and where all this money is going?
  3. COLLATERAL. Alley Scene= Tom Cruise:"Yo Homey...that my briefcase ?"
  4. I think it would be cool to have a NJSP marked pistol... I'm not an operator nor do I pretend to be, so a hiccup at the range is OK as I wouldn't plan on using the pistol for home defense if it doesn't prove itself reliable. NJ tax payers should have first crack at these.
  5. Where can I sign up to get one of these used Sig police pistols for cheap?
  6. I wonder how many 80% ARs or now Glocks have been confiscated for use in a crime? They seem so easy to get- even Brownells and Midway are selling them.
  7. I say if you can afford it and want it then GET IT! If it will make you smile, get it. We , at least most of us, are not "operators" , but guns like this make you look forward to going to the range. The platform loses its purpose when it's not full auto, but buy it for the same reason I bought the GSG mp5 22 cal clone instead of an ordinary 10/22.(it's just cool to have).
  8. Wow, you picked a great gun as a first. I think it will spoil you from other guns. It is my favorite self defense pistol so far. It fits my hand perfectly, I feel the balance of the 229 frame is better than the larger 226. It has the right NJ magazine capacity. The trigger is smooth. You definitely have to practice your double to single action transitions and DA accuracy from draws. Get yourself some snap caps and work on your DA pull- you will notice a difference at the range. My only issue is that the "skinnier" trigger pulls all the way to the rear of the trigger guard and can pinch your finger if you put too much finger over the trigger. When I place just the pad of my finger on it , I don't get pinched. It has been reliable with 1000+ rounds, with FMJs and hollow points with multiple bullet weights too.
  9. yukongt2000

    Found it!!!!

    Robo, how's the trigger compared to your "broken in" 69?
  10. I like how some guys say you don't need a cleaning rod in your AK... as the C39 and RAS47 don't come with one. It seemed to have saved his but in this instance.
  11. I say CZ. You won't regret it. I am a recent convert. The glock would just duplicate the M&P(Striker fired pistol)- unless you're getting it in a different caliber. Cz- double action/single action will add variety to your collection, and likely accuracy to your shooting due to the single action trigger.
  12. All of these 9mm carbines are so expensive. I would like a Sig MPX, or even a Kriss Vector for that price... But I'm satisfied with my hi point 995 for 9mm cheap ammo plinking
  13. I've had the same experience with my "planet of the apes" carbine. Perfect for plinking. Sights are easy to pick up and be accurate with. The trigger reminds me of firing a squirt gun (fat and plastic) but it does its job.
  14. Sureeal- have you had a chance to take this rifle to the range? I thinking of getting into the cheaper 7.62x39 ammo.
  15. I don't understand... you have a 9mm. Why do you need to buy another 9mm or something that has to be able to to convert to it. (Unless your ruger is not working well for you, or you don't have fun shooting it.) If you want a 1911, why not buy the 1911 NOW? I would go for variety instead of similarity(especially for just your second gun).
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