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  1. Thanks for the link. So after reading through that link it says that the magazine law does not start until April 15. Does this mean that I'am good to go up until that date?
  2. I know that 7 is now the mag limit in ny. But from what I'am reading it seems like you can Have a ten round mag but only load 7 in it. So what i'am wondering is if it is legal for for me to bring my saiga 7.62 with a pistol grip and 10 round mags into ny?
  3. So you can have the rifle with a tube that can hold more than 15 rounds, as long as you don't have the tube with the spring and the follower that feeds the rounds into the rifle. Correct?
  4. This is the thread that gave me the idea that they could not be within arms reach. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21558-shotgun-with-a-pistol-grip/page__p__286908__hl__+within%20+arms%20+reach__fromsearch__1#entry286908
  5. I drive a jeep wrangler and have a really small area in the back to put my rifle, I have to fold the rear seat forward and put the case on a diagonal. So i have a few questions. The law says it cannot be within arms reach. Does that mean that I have my seat belt and looking forward not turning my body. Because I can easily turn my body and lean and grab the case. Also does it have to be transported in a hard case? If so does it need to have a lock on it? Thanks for any help.
  6. Finished the conversion. I'am still haveing trouble with the gas tube fitting correctly so I have the stock one on for now.
  7. I got the problem fixed. I just took the gas tube out of the grip and put it back. guess it just wasnt in there correctly. Thanks for the reply though.
  8. So now I'am having problems wit the gas tube fitting I trimmed down a little of the part that gets locked down. When I put it on the gas tube has room to slide back and forth. There is also a good amount of space between the upper hand guard and the lower. Here are some pictures-
  9. So i just got my conversion kit in the mail and I'am trying to get the gas tube in the upper grip. Does anyone have any tips on how to get it turned all the way? I do not have a bench vise. I got it about half way with vice grips but it is a small amount at a time and I'am struggling to get it the rest of the way. So if anyone has any tips let me know. Thanks.
  10. I was just at bullseye this morning and picked up a saiga 7.62. They beat all the other prices I was offered. I would definitley recomend buying from them.
  11. Does anyone know if any gun shops in North Jersey that sell the saiga 7.62?
  12. Which trigger guard do you guys prefer?
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