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  1. http://www.barrelexchange.com/index.cfm?PageNum_bl=6
  2. Probably if he drove to New Brunswick he could just get one on any street corner cash and carry
  3. Hey VZ guy ,active or retied and from what garage(s)
  4. If its true JM one, leave it alone and get a Remlin to cut
  5. You can do it for a lot less, or have one of us help you do it.
  6. Can the soldiers refuse to remain and just leave the Capitol grounds and go back home? Raw meat and metal in the food is disgusting for anyone protecting the Capitol against NOTHING
  7. The size of the mag means nothing, use something like this and keep 4 empty mags at the ready and 1 for the reload https://www.drummagazines.com/
  8. I guess then were all guilty of picking up a shotgun ,no serial number, from a cardboard barrel from R & S Auto Stores back in the 60`s or Sears & Robuck ????????????
  9. well Mr.Missing hand" use it for fertilizer instead of your hand for fertilizer.
  10. just a short list for the components 10K each for each cal. not stored in 1 place, 22 brick of .22`s, 21 boxes of 9mm, case of 12 and 20 ga slugs
  11. You continue firing until the threat is neutralized, period
  12. This will only result in more death to Agents and civilians. Can they actually be this stupid
  13. Sounds like the opening salvo from the democrats
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