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  1. Hey VZ guy ,active or retied and from what garage(s)
  2. If its true JM one, leave it alone and get a Remlin to cut
  3. You can do it for a lot less, or have one of us help you do it.
  4. Can the soldiers refuse to remain and just leave the Capitol grounds and go back home? Raw meat and metal in the food is disgusting for anyone protecting the Capitol against NOTHING
  5. The size of the mag means nothing, use something like this and keep 4 empty mags at the ready and 1 for the reload https://www.drummagazines.com/
  6. I guess then were all guilty of picking up a shotgun ,no serial number, from a cardboard barrel from R & S Auto Stores back in the 60`s or Sears & Robuck ????????????
  7. well Mr.Missing hand" use it for fertilizer instead of your hand for fertilizer.
  8. just a short list for the components 10K each for each cal. not stored in 1 place, 22 brick of .22`s, 21 boxes of 9mm, case of 12 and 20 ga slugs
  9. You continue firing until the threat is neutralized, period
  10. This will only result in more death to Agents and civilians. Can they actually be this stupid
  11. Sounds like the opening salvo from the democrats
  12. Again the question is can the government disable the chip at will ?
  13. I`d sell you reloads but cant get the components Maybe Biden will increase production?
  14. Stay Calm, Ira`s one of the good guys
  15. Your only in trouble if you report it, Drag the body into the street then report a body in the street, case closed Shoot, Shovel and Forget
  16. I hunt small game and those animals dont need insurance so until I start hunting humans ,I done require any insurance either. So unless you report it you shoot, shovel, and forget
  17. The media would be covering the "peaceful riots"
  18. Ask yourself this, if a unarmed person was breaking you door down or climbing thru a window threatening you would you shoot . ? What if the backpack contained 5 Lbs of C-4 . Would you shoot? No real answer to speculate ,but there are better ways to change the government than forcing your way into a government building.
  19. That still a bit high, was about 280/1K before the elections
  20. Nope , didn t see any limits HM was $11.99
  21. picked up some 1 pounders W231, HP-38 and Hi-Skor 700X $72.97 plus tax and hazmat
  22. As far as I`m concerned they can shove all their overpriced ammo up their..............................
  23. Reloading is a way to have ammunition in todays world. Include a bullet mold also. There is a "but" , try to even find the components. powder,primers,bullets,brass seem to be non existent for the common rounds. At over a dollar or more per round of the factory ammo, that gets expensive.
  24. Just vote the Democrats out for real change.Voting for Biden ,who will not make 4 years leaves you Harris as President and you know where that goes.
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