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  1. im in need of a job and live in marlton i pretty good mechanically and with computers any more details
  2. i need a new ht capable of at least 2 meters i like the icom id-51 buts its expesive and not sure if ill use d star much. i only have a tech class license does any one have any nice ht recomendations that is easy to program i would love to use the mobile rig i have as a base station i have a nice powersupply for it but it wont key up the repeater its a yaesu ft-8000
  3. if only i lived closer i live an hour away
  4. w2mc i have a yaesu ft-8000 with a 15 amp power supply trying to use it as a base rig but i cant seem to get it to key the K2AA repeater yet my yeaseu in my car does any info on why it wont
  5. i w2mc sorry i have not been at anymore meeting i was working wednesday nights but i have off now i should be able to attend them until i start working wednesday i still need to fill out an application i will try to fill one out soon and mail it in KC2HWF (andrew) i also have some questions about a yaesu ft8000
  6. are any of the masterpiece arms pistols jersey legal http://masterpiecearms.com/
  7. W2MC you said telco is members only so there is no way to bring a friend to shoot with me or me to check out the range before i get a membership
  8. Carcano ok your about an hour from me
  9. Carcano If your close to south jersey and want to shoot it you can
  10. Thanks I have the flashlight and laser setup for it as well as the 7.5 inch barrel extension
  11. The utas uts15 is a shotgun that holds 14 rounds I'll get a pic up later it has an ar style grip and I'm not good with my handguns at 25 yards is why I asked
  12. Is there an area at Telco I can shoot my utas shotgun that holds 14+1 using bird shot and is there a way to shoot pistol closer then 25 yards?
  13. W2MC what range do you shoot at when i lived in north jersey i went to EFGA and it was about 40 mins away but now is about 2 hours away i do have current member status there till 2016 but looking for something close and not a lot of mony to join i would love to join cjrpc but that is expensive
  14. Yeah sorry I ended up not feeling good at 6 pm I laid down to take a nap woke up it was 8 pm I will have to make it to the September meeting unless I start working and can't get off
  15. echolink is probably not worth it on 2 meter though
  16. i do have a balcony but not allowed to have antenna i asked i do know there is something that uses the internet to operate but not sure about that i coudl get a handheld if i wanted to operate in the house i do have a handheld but its about 10 years old and has problems so i would need a new one
  17. i have it in my car and im happy with it in the car i live in an apartment so i can't have an antenna i also got it programmed was not too bad once i found the manual online
  18. i dont have a laptop unless i borrow one
  19. i only have a desktop so how can i program it with that as i wont have a way to power it inside
  20. no i don't have the cable i did't know i could program it on the computer
  21. Ok thanks I will be at the meeting Now I need to remember how to program my mobile rig to put the repeater frequency and tone in
  22. W2MC i moved to marlton from north jersey how is the south jersey radio assn i have sen the website and see they have a 2m repeater i only brought my mobile with me as it was in my car and looking for a club to join and a 2 m repeater down here my call sign is KC2HWF
  23. I might make this one Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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