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  1. Spoke to someone at Caso's over the phone (Lisa most likely) and she said the range is under renovation. It should reopen around the end of the year. Glad it's only temporary.
  2. Good stuff!! Drew Estate fan? I still have pre-production sticks of the Dirty Rat and Flying Pig prior their first release. I enjoy pretty much most quality Nicaraguans like Padrons and Tatuaje. Although Trinidad Reyes and Fundadores will always be my favorites.
  3. I tried to go last month. There was a sign stating "Closed for spring maintenance."
  4. Yeah I play, but not the matching tiles type memory game The Americans is a fun show. Love the role reversal where the husband is the sensitive type and the wife is the more focused bad ass. That 69 caught me off guard LOL I think I was more surprised than the daughter
  5. Never had problems using M Pro 7, Militec, or Breakfree CLP. Was curious about Frog Lube but I don't want to waste the money I spent on the previous lubes..maybe I'll look into those when my current supply run out. Same with FireClean. This vid might be able to help you decide
  6. I'm seeing the same price. Are we missing anything or is the $15.07 promo gone/mistake? o.i.c. thanks for the effort anyway
  7. other than my cellphone and pocket knife of the day.. on keychain: leatherman squirt ps4, nano streamlight, 64gb flash drive
  8. depending on what i'm doing that day, i just grab something from my edc magnet on the way out the door
  9. Any idea on the quality of these? Price seems too cheap pass up
  10. pre ordered PS4 from Best Buy and bought 3 games from Amazon yesterday since they had a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal.. so Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty Ghosts, and Assassin's Creed 4 will arrive in my mailbox tomorrow for just $120 which includes 2 promo free launch downloads for COD & BF. nowhere near as exciting as anticipating a new firearm though. plus im not into console FPS so this will be a new experience to me. havent been into FPS since Counterstrike on PC
  11. +1 on spyderco sharpmaker. idiot proof, mess proof since no liquid is involved, portable, and upgradable.. even comes with a DVD that explains how to sharpen a variety edges like scissors, chisels, serrated knives, exacto knives, etc.
  12. many of my favorite boutique brands are sold here http://www.newhavanacigars.com/Cigars_Brands_at_NewHavanaCigars_com_s/1.htm give them a try.. i know preference is subjective but some of the cigars sold there are some of the tastiest NCs available. i use Heartfelt beads for humidity along with store bought distilled water. Humidity is always constant.
  13. congrats on getting your feet wet on the cigar world. a little warning, not a cheap hobby, but a real pleasurable one. like shooting. i suggest going to different brick and mortar shops with a walk in humidor to get a feel of the place. figure out what strength of nicotine you can handle and how full bodied you want the tobacco to taste. there are tons of choices, don't be afraid to try as much as you can before you settle on one brand and vitola (size & shape). part of the fun for me is the variety. although i prefer Nicaraguans and Cubans, Dominicans, and even American (Connecticut and Pennsylvania broadleafs make excellent wraps) and Mexican grows some tasty leaf. when traveling overseas make sure to purchase only from authentic La Casa Del Habanos if you're curious about real Cubans. those vendors on the beach and cigar shops with the glass top boxes of Cohibas and Montecristo are selling nothing but fakes. my taste changes all the time but my favorite brands for the past few years are Tatuaje, Padron, Illusione, Trinidad (cc), Partagas (cc), Fuente anejos.. haha actually i have so many favorites it's hard to narrow down. depends on the mood. if you have any questions ill be glad to help. im a member on a cigar lounge in Hackensack called Ruben's Smokestack but theres a ton of other shops with great selection in NJ if you do decide to get a humidor, i recommend spending on a quality one. no need to rush on a cheap box, you can store your stogies in a ziploc bag with a Boveda pack to keep the humidity at a proper percentage (i like mine @ 68% on 65 degrees) in the meantime.
  14. In order of acquisition: old Smith & Wesson 617 6-shot S&W M&P 15-22 Glock 17 3rd Gen w/ Advantage Arms slide Savage MK II before Boyd Evolution stock Colt 1911 Gold Cup Trophy w/Dawson sights Ruger 10/22 Take Down in Multicam Group Shot of double deuces
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