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  1. Yeah I called them. They told me it is normal. To get the audible reset I need the ram kit. my m&p has the internal locking system so I would need to remove that in order to be able to use the ram kit. Gotta look into how to do it.
  2. I see some people say to try the factory trigger spring or to bend the trigger bar.
  3. So I got a flat faced trigger kit for my m&p. I got it all installed. Trigger pull is really nice. My issue is the videos online you can clearly hear an audible reset. Mine does not have one. It is resetting but can't feel it in the trigger or hear it. Any ideas what it could be?
  4. I'd wouldn't alter my factory parts. I prefer the after market ones. Very easy to put it back to factory. I wouldn't mind trying your gun but I'd never do it. Now back on topic.. anyone have striker experience?
  5. G19 seems to be the clear winner.
  6. springs are cheap. I don't wanna alter factory parts. My bet is you probably don't have a 3lb trigger pull without changing striker spring.
  7. factory Gen 4 recoil spring. Haven't touched it
  8. Anyone have one installed? Looking at the glockstore one or the zev. Have 4lb striker spring, titanium plunger with lighter spring, 3.5lb connector, and 6lb trigger spring.certain ammo I will get some light primer strikes. Heard this eliminates this. Anyone have any luck with either one of these?
  9. proving your stupity yet again. you obviously didnt read anything that was said.... This may make your head explode but did you see the part where i said i love my di ar? yeah im guessing you didnt...
  10. guess you know too much about guns since you had so many questions about a glock 19 which is probably the most popular gun in the world.
  11. actually i was curious on how to put a certain stock on. atleast im not too full of my self to ask a question when i have one. where was your usefule knowledge again? oh yeah you didnt have any at all...
  12. haha ok than you have proved useless yet again... you obviously have no knowledge or reading skills on the matter... keep posting though... im curious what is after njgf addict... lmao
  13. i see again you havent read a thing... before you post again start at page 1 and read EVERYTHING. dont post again until you have. you are just making yourself look dumb buddy.
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