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  1. Why because it wasn't said in court? Definitely rolling my eyes. Your just mad because you have realized your wrong
  2. Another thing you guys are forgetting is how new the piston ar design is for an ar to have. Why don't you ask the troops that served with the first m16s how they made out.
  3. All heresay. I can say I saw a million things I didn't too. Where's the actual proof of all of these things you say?
  4. Yes they do work more like an AK than they do a DI gun. I am right. You are not. Again, you have failed at reading. I didn't say anything about AK making a DI gun so pay closer attention to who you quote. I never said DI was a crippled design which either you or someone else said earlier. I said I like my DI very much! I said I PREFER the piston design over di. All you seem to do is beat around the bush to what I really said to try to make yourself sound right when your not at all right.
  5. Still beating around the bush. Please tell me what I'm wrong about?
  6. Another person beating around the bush on what I said.please read before posting. Oh and when have you ever heard of a gun jamming from a dirty piston? Please show me.
  7. Your one of those people that will beat a subject to death trying get to make it sound like you were right. Doesn't matter if gas is vented to front or back of the bolt. It's still venting on a critical moving part. your still trying to beat around what I said. You still haven't read what I said. I said the piston ar works more like an AK than the DI ar.
  8. Im gonna help you out. watch both of those and then tell me you still think the piston are doesnt work more like the ak than the di ar. http://youtu.be/M7GTZ0DixqA
  9. take two pieces of metal. put them outside. put oil on one and leave one dry. take a leaf blower and blow dirt over both of them. let me know which one has more stuck to it.
  10. actually a lot a bit! Its not gas pushing the bolt back like the di. its a piston. the gas on the di returns all the way back to the chamber. the pistons do not. its the piston that resets the bolts.
  11. Im pretty sure noone called the di ar a "crippled design". I think everyone actually likes them. some of us just prefer the piston guns to the di. Its no news that a piston gun runs cooler and chamber stays cleaner. We all know that oil attracts dust. on top of that the di gun blows the excess gas and carbon into the chamber. the piston guns do not. in terms of long term reliability, a piston gun should be jam free longer than a di gun. Its only a matter of time before the di chamber gets filled with gunk causing it to jam. Im not saying this is going to happen at 500-1000 rounds but it could and has happened.
  12. they are similar. they work in the same fashion. so what if the parts might be a different shape. they both have the excess gas in the barrel go into a gas tube which pushes the piston rearward to reset the bolt. the excess gas does not blow back into the bolt to reset it like the di. the way in which the piston ar functions is closer to an ak than the way a di ar works.
  13. if di is better than why did ar manufacturers start making the piston design? Im not saying di is a bad gun. I like my di very much. Imo piston is the better design though. Cleaner and cooler. piston driven ar works very much like an ak. thats crazy to say it doesnt. do you know how both piston and gas work?
  14. thanks. i ordered the mil spec one. think its the right one. we will see
  15. thats all you have to say? wow man your full of great answers... It makes perfect sense
  16. not at all. Just my preference. Everyone has their own.
  17. this particular ar Im changing stock on is a stag model 8.
  18. just ordered one. thanks. VERY helpful! thanks Jack!
  19. Im looking to put a magpul fde stock on one of my ars. Since my stock is pinned, Im guessing I will need a new buffer tube? I can use the stock spring i have though right? Am I able to have that shipped to nj? oh and I am gonna have it pinned. thanks in advance
  20. i have both. haven't shot the piston yet but It's lighter than my di. I am a bigger fan of the ak platform. If I ever had to pick between an ar or ak, it would be ak. people say the di is a proven design. well the ak is a piston design and that has proven itself 10x more than di. That is why i bought the piston ar. should have the reliability of the ak with the accuracy of the ar.
  21. oh and i forgot to mention how easily the thin poly frame scuffs
  22. have you tried a 10-15 yard group with the 2022? that is my main complaint with it. i shot someone elses after i sold mine and it wouldnt group tight either. the poly grip is wayyy to thin for my liking. their customer service was horrible as well. I tried several different kinds of ammo and several different people shot it with the same results. Im curious how yours is? You are 100% correct! my only complaint with the m&p is the trigger as well! Trigger pretty much sucks!
  23. you may wanna rethink that! I had an sp2022. doesnt even come close to comparing to the m&p. I hated the sig. sold it after like 2 months. went bang everytime but would never hit the same place twice. plus the polymer grip is thin and feels cheap. Im by no means saying m&p is the best gun out but i like my m&p wayyyyy better than the 2022
  24. currently i have the 4lb striker spring, extended slide release, and lone wolf 3.5lb connector. Some ammo i get light primer strikes. It seems to be a common thing with lighter striker springs.
  25. yeah i havent touched the recoil spring. didnt plan to. I currently have the lighter striker spring. i was looking to replace the trigger spring. This gun is strictly for matches. It's not a defense gun of any kind. Looking to get the trigger pull down after putting stock striker spring back in.
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