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  1. My sig would not group at all. Atleast 5 different people shot it with the same results. was all over the place. Called their customer service. They said well what kind ammo am i using. I told them I had tried remington umc, sellier & bellot, pmc, and blazer brass. They pretty much told me Im using too cheap of ammunition and that there was nothing they can do. I explained to them that I have never had a problem with that ammo in any of my other guns. They didnt seem to care. So I sold it. Ive since shot a few others which seemed fine but not sure what all of the hype is about.
  2. now out of all of those, Which company do you tend to like the best?
  3. this is how i set up my ar500 targets. they hang and slightly lean forward on chains. look safe? whats closest I should shoot these safely? Been shooting for years but new to steel. thanks
  4. people seem to really be liking their cz pistols
  5. i do use my guns when i sweat on a hot summer day. that is still far from the corrosion tests. I clean my guns after the range. I dont leave them out in the elements for 2 months.
  6. I have the 930wf with 28 inch ported barrel. I use it for trap/skeet. I just use the cheap remington and winchester tareget loads. # 7 1/2 or 8. Cycles flawlessy. Is your gun together correctly? make sure the spacer tube and the pusher assembly are not flip flopped.
  7. I purchased a 930 not long ago. Kicks @ss! As to what i want next? thinking a gen 4 g34. Been wanting to build a race gun for some time and glock seems to have the available parts at the cheapest prices.
  8. some very nice gun pics! (except for the sig) haha jk. I know people do sometimes like them. I just had bad luck with them. what is that?
  9. That is a good looking gun! I have a 686 with 6" barrel and love it as well! good choice!
  10. your absolutely right haha. im sorry. My current favorite is my para usa elite pro 1911.
  11. yeah i said it... whats your favorite pistol? pics or it didnt happen haha
  12. yes big difference. both are controllable but the 23 is definitely snappier
  13. ive had terrible experience with sigs. will never buy another. their customer service is by far the worst ever
  14. yes definitely! they know every gun you purchase in nj. last time i applied for a pistol purchase permit i forgot to sign one of the forms. the lady at my local pd said how did you miss that? you have done this plenty of times... that indicated to me that every permit ive applied for is in their system
  15. never heard of fireclean until this post. i may eventually check it out but until then i have froglube and mpro7
  16. sounds like two problems here. #1 a rifle shooting a steel target is a recommended distance of 100yds minimum. the other problem is from what i understand a steel target should never be fixed to a solid post unless angled down.
  17. i am building a target stand with ar500 steel targets. two 8", one 3", and one 10" gong. they are hanging targets. i have them mounted to two chains each. they all slightly lean downward. Anyone ever have any issue with richocet? the way i have it setup shouldnt be a problem. Just curious if anyone has ever been hit by a richocet from a steel target
  18. I never go by those videos. there is tons of them on youtube. they all have different results. It doesnt test the oil how it's used on a gun. I dont leave my guns outside in the elements and i dont spray salt or fresh water on them either. all those videos show is corrosion resistance if you forgot your gun outside for 2 months. Im more interested in whats gonna protect my finish in a high friction and heat environment. Those tests dont show which cleaners work better or what lubrication handles wear better. I used mpro on my gun last night. Reason being? I was a little nervous that it would be tough to get the froglube paste out of the 25LPI gripping
  19. i do like froglube a lot too. the issue with it is the application process is a pita. M pro is also amazing. m pro is more of the traditional cleaning method. In my opinion the froglube and mpro7 are the two best cleaning kits on the market
  20. Just ran the first 200 rounds through my new para. Needs a good cleaning. I have both mpro 7 and froglube. which would you choose
  21. been looking up the components. looks like the powder is hard to find
  22. ok so those of you that do reload enjoy doing it? I dont know much about it. It looks as though the progressive presses are faster. Is that beginner friendly? I am very handy and can fix anything. so Im not worried that i wont be able to do it correctly.
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