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  1. i have the exact same one. i have about 300 rds through mine. no failures yet. i was thinking of changing the sights out though. not a fan of them.
  2. p99 is a great gun! my buddy has one in .40s&W. i loved it. I have the ppq in 9mm which is outstanding
  3. i have the sr22. i love it. i dont think it feels like a toy at all. i love that it eats up any ammo you feed it. From the research i did, alot of .22 pistols are picky on ammo. ruger shoots cheap bulk ammo with no problem. plus its the cheapest on your list i think. its on sale right now for 288. thats a steal http://www.kygunco.com/ruger-sr22-pistol-22lr-black-35-10rd-57389
  4. I finally gave in and recently bought a gen 4 19. Im glad i did. I love it! already added a 4lb striker spring, 3.5lb connector, and a custom slide cover. I LOVE HOW MANY AFTERMARKET PARTS YOU CAN GET FOR GLOCK
  5. ive had my sr22 for a while now. about 1500 rds through it. Its definitely a fun little pistol. i shoot the cheap bulk ammo through it all of the time and it works great! only issues ive had with mine was with the blazer bulk ammo. i had a few jams with it. the remington and federal bulk has worked flawless though
  6. ok well you guys with the dumb comments and useless info that has nothing to do with the thread. thanks and have a nice day. i do have an ak variant that i do call an ak47 because thats easier than explaining that i have a sa 85m which is just like an ak47. sorry if that bothers you but thats what i do. too bad. yeah maybe i didnt know a whole lot about the rifle when i first got it. so what! i can tell you that i know alot more about it now than what any of you have had to say. way to treat another person asking a question! i take your lack of input on the topic as you really not knowing a thing about what it is or what its worth. so on that note. im done with this thread. the people that trolled should read this article. it describes what makes you do it... http://www.flayme.com/troll/
  7. ok not once did i say or argue anything about a thumbhole stock or say anything about adding anything to the rifle! you need to go back and reread! your the one that needs to pay attention before you post! thank you. now we are getting somewhere. i dont know how this got so off topic but thank you for adding info to what i actually asked
  8. none of this has anything to do with this rifle! its 100% legal! im really getting sick of this thread being off topic! the gun is LEGAL!!!! i didnt ask if it was or isnt! i asked what it is worth!
  9. not sure where your going with your arguement but this gun is clearly legal from the njsp rules. i dont even know why people are still trolling! legal or illegal wasnt the question! i asked what the gun was worth! so please people! if you cant tell me what the gun is worth than keep your comments to yourself! i know for a fact this gun is legal. you trying to say it isnt just makes you look like an idiot! now lets get back to the topic! whats is worth?
  10. thanks man. all i was trying to do is find out what it was worth. i do rely on my brother on being a reliable source though because he is very savy around guns and gun laws. ive had him look up stuff in the statutes before. when he isnt sure about something i call my range and they said everything is legal on this also.
  11. thumbhole has got to be legal if a full out pistol grip is. every ar and ak i see in nj has a pistol grip with fixed or pinned stock. nj law only will allow you to have an adjustable stock and pistol grip if its a pump shotgun. otherwise stock has to be fixed/pinned. this gun is legal. no flash suppressor, fixed stock, 5rd mags. if you say its ilegal post the link that says it isnt. everything else is here say. beside this thread is meant to find out value not if its legal or not. there is no doubt in my mind its legal. my brother was with me when i bought it and he is a cop
  12. yes but im pretty sure pistol grip is perfectly legal if the stock is not adjustable. all of the ars i see here have pistol grips but fixed stocks. when you buy an ar in nj with adjustable stock, they pin it so that it isnt adjustable anymore but it still has the pistol grip
  13. well anyway. im pretty sure its 100% legal. anyone know what it might be worth?
  14. why are you saying its illegal? its got a fixed stock, 5 round magazine, and no flash supressor
  15. hey guys i went to a gun show today. i picked up an ak47 model sa 85m. made in hungary. has feg stamped on the side. its made by kbi inc. some of the things i read about them say that its a post ban gun which is no longer imported into the usa. alot of what i read also says that they are one of the best if not the best stamped ak you can buy. what do you think this is worth?
  16. interested in xd. if its still available shoot me a pm. how many rounds through it? whats it come with
  17. yeah scott keep it! i wanna shoot it some more! lol
  18. Actually by law, they only have 90 days to give you a response. many police departments have been getting sued for taking longer. if it has been longer than 90 days you can take action
  19. most indoor ranges i have been to allow shotguns. i think you have to shoot slugs though. a marker is always a good thing to keep in your range bag. some people like to use a marker to mark their shots on the target so they can reuse the target and see where the new holes are. tape works for this as well. Also, the fnp40 is a nice handgun. i have one of those too. thats one that i will always keep
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