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  1. Absolutely. You would have never known by looking at it. The barrel was drilled using a drill press, and the pin was pressed in, slightly recessed, and just needed a quick tack. I've been welding for years, but I only had my stick welder accessible, which I'm fairly proficient in, and a 3 gun shoot the next day that I wanted to use the rifle in. The barrel was wrapped in foil to protect from weld spatter. A small hole was cut in the foil to access the pin. I cleaned up the minimal slag, and smoothed flush with a dremel, and finished with a beechwood Casey super black pen.
  2. Once, in a pinch, I used an ac arc welder. Wrapped the barrel in aluminum foil with a hole in it, a 1/16th 7018 rod, and smooth up with a dremel. Not the prettiest, but perfectly functional.
  3. There's also MCRPC in Wall, but there's a waiting list. I was on the waiting list for about about a year and a half I think before becoming a member. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. I've flown with a handgun numerous times, out of EWR, ACY, and PHL. Only time I ever had a problem was in philly. TSA had to provide me with a new, non TSA luggage lock, because a screener in the back cut off my lock, without noticing that it had already been screened. I now store my handgun and ammo in a metal "airline approved" case, within an old school Samsonite hard suitcase with built in combo locks. I was even able to check my firearm containing luggage curbside, even though regulations say you can't. When I tried explaining that to the check in person and TSA agent, they told me it was a recent change. They have no idea what they're doing, its better to err on the side of caution. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. I have a retired hot tub circuit that I moved the breaker and installed an interlock shortly after Sandy. Never got around to buying the inlet box, or picking up cable to connect the generator to the inlet. Until today. Hopefully I won't be in a mad rush to get it up and running. Oh, and I need to go buy beer, and maybe fill some gas cans while I'm out. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. SSN is attached to your DL record, which can be ran from patrol car computer. No way to check or validate an SBI in a patrol car computer, unless maybe its in the town you live in, and SBI is attached to any of the department's name records. Dispatchers can check for SBI number in NCIC Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. I've purchased guns from both Ky Gun Co and Bud's with no issues. But neither were for nj restricted weapons. I did have an issue with SWVA arms though. I purchased 2 boxes of .35 rem for a hog hunt, and they canceled it. Even though their policy says they ship ammo too NJ with a copy if your FID. When I got the cancelation notice, and called them, they said it was new policy, but hasn't updated the website. I even offered to have it shipped to a free state, but by that time, they were out of stock. I checked later, and it took them 3 additional months to update their website. I don't blame companies for not wanting to deal with NJ laws, but at least don't specifically say you will sell ammo, and then reneg. I built my AR from parts myself, but if i was going to purchase a complete rifle, or anything restricted in NJ, there's many other companies I would use.
  8. I purchased my barrel directly from green mountain. They have a chrome lined 1:9 for $99 now. Every now and then when they have extras, they discount barrels even further. http://www.gmriflebarrel.com/gm-m9-16-1-9-twist-m4-barrel-chromed-and-phosphated/
  9. bmfenn

    9mm M1 Carbine

    I'm not so sure that this would be illegal, per se. But who wants to be the test case? If you follow the logic of the Colt Match Target, and Springfield M1a clarifications that the NJSP lists on it's website, and the NJ AG "Guidelines Regarding the "Substantially Identical" Provision inthe State's Assault Firearms Laws", this weapon should be fine. Follow My Logic: The original M1 Carbine is a .30, gas operating, rotating bolt action using USGI standard magazines This is a 9mm, blowback operated action, using beretta pistol magazines. This SHOULD, make it legal, as per NJ Law, as the reveiver changes makes it not identical, just at they decided with the Colt Match Target, Wheras: "Although this new rifle, may resemble the Colt AR-15, there have been substantial changes to the firearm, including the receiver which is not identical to an AR-15 receiver. In addition, because of changes in the configuration of the firearm, the Colt Match Target Rifle is not substantially identical to a prohibited firearm and prohibited under this classification." This should also not be banned because it only has one of the needed "evil features", because as was decided, the Springfield M1a manufactured after '94 was decided to not be an "M14 type", because: So, by the NJ Attorney General's guidelines, this weapon should be legal in NJ. Npw if they would just publish htat on NJSP.org, we would be golden.
  10. The last bottle of BH209 I bought from Cheyenne. I can usually get 5 or 6 shots through it before running a handwipe down the barrel. At the end if the day, it cleans up easy using Hoppe's 9
  11. Not sure if anyone posted this yet http://www.state.nj.us/lps/dcj/agguide/directives/Graves-Act-clarification-2014.pdf /URL] It exempts out of state ccw holders who committed no other crime for graves act sentencing, and recommends pti. Its too bad it didn't go a little farther, and direct law enforcement to not arrest, like the recent guideline expanding the "bonjovi" overdose law. It just directs prosecutors on how to prosecute, or more importantly, to not prosecute.
  12. I also saw it yesterday in Brick. It came north from toms river, circled, and then left heading south. I also saw it flying last week. It believe it is one of the models they had at the air show. They had a predator/reaper, and another one that had a catapault like launcher.
  13. I have a dolphin advantage for a few years now. what sold me was the fact that its a self contained unit. It doesn't need a booster pump plumbed into your pool to run it like a Polaris does.
  14. From what I remember, there's no washer used with a magpul grip, just the screw. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  15. Last time they asked me that at Dick's, I just told them I didn't have a DL. I told him my wife drives and I don't. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  16. Yup. 90gr Speer LE GDHP Part of our old requirement was that we were only allowed to carry the glocks using Safariland ALS holsters off duty. Not exactly easy to hide. And a lot of my department aren't "gun guys", including the brass. If its not easy to hide, they're not going to carry. Upper echelon is very resistant to any changes, and it's kind of amazing we got what we did.
  17. Heroin is so cheap in Nj, that I don't see people buying it here. When a deck of heroin is only $5, its hard to get cheaper than that, as opposed to other parts of the country where that same deck of heroin is $20
  18. My department restricts what we can carry off duty, and what holster we can carry it in. Previously we were only allowed to carry a g27, but people stopped carrying off duty due to it's size. Its smaller than a g23 obviously, but its just as thick, and prints easily through clothing. Last year a number of us pushed for, and got approval to carry a ruger lcp. Those who have purchased them, carry them much more often, as an lcp in a pocket holster is pretty much undetectable
  19. As you found out, Brick has no prohibition on firing a bow. Point Pleasant explicitly bans firing arrows in Its discharge ordnance. Unlike what someone mentioned, you are not entitled to a restraining against your neighbor. Without finding some random case law, since there was no damage or injury, I can't see any criminal charges, as the purpose of target shooting a bow isn't unlawful in Brick Twp. It can't hurt to file a police report if things escalate, but I'd give him back his arrows, and ask him to shoot towards a different neighbor
  20. I've rescheduled my rifle class 3 times this year due to work. Looks like I will finally get it done at Range 14 on Oct 6th
  21. Submitted 5/9, came back 5/15. Picked up today. I must be the luckiest person in the state.
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