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  1. Great. Thank you. My references already replied to the emails they received, so hopefully it wont take to long from here.
  2. At the risk of sounding ignorant here, do I need to fill out and submit the mental health form after going through the online procedure?
  3. Thanks Bob! As usual you are the man. That'll save me some time and frustration for sure. Thanks again
  4. Wow that would be awesome! Thanks Bob. Union Beach, Monmouth County
  5. Ok great. thats what i figured. thanks for the response guys. Ill have to go back tomorrow and try and get the ORI number.
  6. Hey everyone, Im definitely not new to firearms, but i have been out of the game for some years now (marriage, house, kids, new jobs, and all that happy horse s*it). i want to apply for some P2Ps and i see that the system has changed a bit. Do i need to do that whole online "criminal history backround check"? or can i just fill out the STS033 and the mental health consent form and bring that to my local PD? I stopped into my local PD today to ask for the ORI number and was informed that i only need to do that if im getting finger printed and to just fill out the forms, and bing them in with the check. Neither myself or the officer were sure though. So what is the exact procedure now? (i already have an FID) I just dont want to do the wrong thing wait and wait to find out i did it wrong. Thanks in advanced
  7. Yeah I hear that! Mine were really stiff as well. I left them loaded at all times to try and break in the spring, which definitely helped a bit. The XTPs I can force down past the lip but they don't feed back up into position due to the length. I'm going to try different HPs. Apparently sig makes there own HPs so I might give them a shot.
  8. The only issue i was having was loading the mag, I'm using the factory mags. I actually found the hornady XTP is 1mm longer then traditional HPs so I'll have to try a different ammo. They do fit in my 1911 mags so I guess I have some expensive range ammo now.
  9. So to make a long story short I had my home alarm go off at 330 the other day. It jarred us out of a deep sleep, grabbed my sig and went through the house. It ended up being nothing (sensor went bad). I realized after I had standard FMJ loaded from the range, so I went out to get some better home defense stuff, not taking a chance with my wife and two young kids lives. I bought hornady 230gr XTP+P JHP. The rounds will not fit into the sig magazine. It's almost like it's cut out to only fit FMJ. Have any other sig owners had this issue before?
  10. I was just looking at r14s hours for Wednesday and it says 1-8pm. Do they light the range for the evening hours? I thought I remember reading they close at dusk.
  11. Almost every store asks to see FID before looking at any firearm. Maybe it's just me but I always have it ready to show when shopping. Most dealers seem to appreciate that. That being said you definetly should not have been treated like that. I would have done the same thing. Hopefully that guy doesn't work there anymore. Iv personally only bought one rifle there and had a wonderful experience all around. Great shop, great selection. If your looking for something specific just give them a call before you take the ride down.
  12. You said you changed your address so maybe they just didn't have your updated information? I don't know if they even hold that type of info, but If the address you wrote down on the NICS app didn't match what they had maybe that could be a reason for denial. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck
  13. So then really the question is "what model of the M1A should I buy?" As you said in the orginal post. it sounds like you not looking for a full length rifle so I'd agree with your previous post that the scout is a good compromise between the standard and socom. It also gives you that classic look along with the option for some sort of optic. I'm not sure if it's both the socom and socom II or just the II, but the ones that I have seen have a large shotgun style ghost ring rear sight. Kind of stupid for a 308 caliber rifle but hey, they did design the socom around close quarters support after all. iMO if your going after paper at 200/300 yards get the scout. Not saying that the socom can't hit that by any means, but you'll probably have an easier time with the scout.
  14. Molot super Vepr - $1100 308 Garand - $800 -$2000 depending on condition SCAR - $2600 FNAR - $1000 Benelie R1 - $950 BAR 308 - $900 - $1500 (gunbroker) Saiga - $600 FAL - $700-$2000 (gunbroker) M1A - $1500 Just a few options I can think of at the moment A lot of people talk about the M1a's price tag like its astronomical, but for the most part it's competitively priced. It's certainly not the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive. The standard, scout, socom, and socom II are all hovering around $1500. The Match's will run you more.
  15. Scout for me as well. I also don't shoot it that much but that's not for any particular reason. I find it to be extreamly accurate and durable. I just personally enjoy the M14 platform, looks and history. If you like the gun and you have the mula to burn, go for it. There definitely very fun to shoot. If your looking for something more "modern day effective" per say then look elsewhere.
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