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  1. Good to hear this is still in the works. Hope all goes well. Would be nice to have a range close to home.
  2. http://www.sgammo.com/product/pmc/1000-round-case-pmc-9mm-luger-115-grain-fmj-ammo-9a Brand new PMC at a pretty good price.
  3. The California decision and the backing of the 19 states and the NRA behind the upcoming NJ case are good signs. Keep your fingers crossed! Wouldn't it be nice to have the SCOTUS jamb CCW down the NJ legislature's throat.
  4. On foot on Black Friday? To hell with that. Long lines with too many obnoxious people. Cyber Monday with free shipping works for me.
  5. The Democrats private newspaper is really pushing this one hard. Second time in two days they have an article about the Utopian smart gun. They are already trying to brainwash the public on how great this will be. http://blog.nj.com/njv_editorial_page/2013/10/start_the_clock_on_smart_guns.html#incart_river_default
  6. They committed an ADULT crime, not by mistake but on purpose. They should be tried as adults. Death Penalty!
  7. Not much of a Starbucks coffee fan, but I will go there this Saturday with a NRA t-shirt on. Anything to stick it to Dumb Mothers Against Guns.
  8. Great article. Most of the anti's are misinformed, thus misguided. Just look at what they read and hear in the media. 99% of it is anti gun. They just believe it for fact and run with it. Cheers to the guys from NJ2AS for setting up a table and getting our message out there.
  9. Agreed. Thanks to Frank and all the others who wrote, emailed and called their legislators, went to protests, etc. Keep in mind the war ISN'T over. The next battle is in November. It's time to get these anti's out of office!
  10. Was just reading that story on another site. Very sad. Those low life's should be flown ONE WAY to Egypt and dropped into a crowd of protesters. "Just for the fun of it".
  11. I did, days ago. Emailed him too. We've got to stay on his a$$. As stated above the anti's sure as hell are.
  12. I guess this particular loser officer would have kicked a seeing eye dog and it's owner off the boardwalk too? This ass clown should have spent some time walking the streets of Afghanistan to give him a different perspective.
  13. Good to hear. Need more women (and young ladies) in the pro-gun ranks.
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