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  1. creatine, and usually some whey If you focus on just eating real food it doesn't matter a whole lot what supplements you take. Dont be that guy that spends $300 at GNC and still has a beer belly
  2. I emailed them asking about NJ legality and this was their response: Hi Matt, Thanks for the inquiry. We need to update our website to reflect NJ use. NJ is our second best selling state, right behind CA. Being in CA, We're not as well versed in NJ firearm laws as we are with CA laws, however, we sell a ton of Stock-Loks to NJ. If NJ laws simply state that no telescoping stock, Stock-Lok eliminates any telescoping option, since it removes the adjustment mechanisms and fixes the stock to one place. It also requires an external tool and complete disassembly to adjust the stock. If NJ law requires the stock to be permanently fixed to one position, Stock-Lok can be used below to accomplish this. Some of our customers in NY and a few in NJ have opted to use epoxy to make the use of Stock-Lok "permanent." There are two options with this method: 1. Epoxy the Stock-Lok into the slot position you prefer, or 2. Epoxy the open top portion of the socket head screw after it's installed so the tool can not fit in it. Both of those options make the installation "permanent." We've definitely had NY customers do these options, and I think a few NJ customers have opted to do one or the other of these options. If you have any other questions, just let us know. Thanks, Range Roll Team
  3. have you ever had any issues with that stock loosening up while shooting? because for the life of me i can't get mine to stay in place, no matter how much blue lock tight i use
  4. you can also look into freedom munitions brass credit program
  5. anybody here have any experience working armed security? From what Ive gathered, after you cert your cert from the state police, you then have to apply for a carry permit from your town before you can carry a firearm at wherever you get hired? did i get that right?
  6. ^^^^^^ This, get whatever upper you want + whatever muzzle brake + FFL to pin / chop bayonet lug = a happy camper
  7. thats the spirit why settle for one when you can have two
  8. if it helps at all, I'm looking to buy the midwest drop in M-LOK hand guard. I like it because I can interchange M-LOK components and it weighs like 5 oz
  9. how come we dont have a dedicated fitness section? I think we all can agree on the importance of being in shape, so why not have a subsection in training where we can share workout programs, brag about PRs, and give advice etc.
  10. buy a wasr if you can find one, if not then check out DDI or even palmetto. those would be my recommendations, I would also try to stay away from the new century builds, I was considering buying one until they came out with a proprietary side rail, that killed it for me
  11. yeah and they make sure you look like an idiot walking around with a huge locked plastic container....because ammo is scary
  12. thanks for the lead, too bad its just about 90min one way (I'm in the Piscataway area_
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