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  1. Thats nice, Ill throw it on my list of contenders
  2. Thanks! I want a stock like this http://www.midwayusa.com/product/229100/dpms-buttstock-assembly-6-position-commercial-diameter-collapsible-ar-15-carbine-synthetic-black All I keep finding on Midway is collapsable ones. Anyone know a place for a fixed? Thanks.
  3. was thinking this http://www.midwayusa.com/product/877204/dpms-lower-receiver-parts-kit-ar-15 anyone have dealings with Midway before?
  4. Just got my first piece of the puzzle today. DPMS Stripped Lower from the Bullet Hole in Belleville for 128.40 out the door. At this point no one in Jersey has stock on a lower part kit so I will be ordering it online. Whats everyone out there using? Im not not 100% on the color I want yet overall, thinking maybe sand or just keeping everything black. Lower completed. Got a DSA LPK at First Line Tactical in Jersey City. Dave was super cool and took the time to show me around and explain everything. 3/20 Update: PMAG's are in from Riflegear.com (got 2 of them) They are 30 rounders pinned to 15. 3/22 Update The Stag Upper with NJ Spec Stock came in today to complete my first build (still need to tighten the stock as i don't have the tool) I ordered it on 3/12 and it came UPS today so not a bad wait. DPMS Lower Receiver Stripped $128.40 DSA Lower Parts Kit $68.30 2X PMAG 15/30 Rilfegear.com - $48.97 AR15Sales.com (Pete, super nice guy) Stag Upper w/ Pinned Stock $568.00 Total build $813.67 Will be swapping some things out as $ allows, want to get a few more goodies installed (forward grip, optical, etc.)
  5. I was there yesterday afternoon and the range was open, trust me it was PACKED in there.
  6. SW99

    My First AR

    Just called over toe Lou's, said about 2 weeks before they get more in stock. Thanks for taking them all guys
  7. SW99

    My First AR

    NJdiver, where were you there? Bullet hold does not have the LPK in stock so I was thinking of going to get it there if they have it. If not ill just order one from DPMS. Thanks
  8. SW99

    My First AR

    Thanks. Did they have the Lower parts kit in stock?
  9. SW99

    My First AR

    Looking good. Building my first one also. If you don't mind me asking how much did the stripped lower cost? Bullet Hole by me has the DPMS stripped for 120. They wouldn't let me buy it today as NICS is closed.
  10. I feel like I've jacked a bit of your thread, my apologies
  11. He has 3 of his own which he's build from the ground up, all completely custom. So he kinda became the go to guy for this stuff, hes constantly building units for the guys in his department, friends, etc. I trust um, so let's see what happens.
  12. I get it, you have to be able to trust your firearms. Out of all my guns I would reach for my S&W SW99 before anything else. It was my first gun has been shot hundreds of times and has never jammed once, cleaned or not. I know I could trust it. my buddy talked me out of the Sport and is going to build me one. Will post pics when it's all done, should be a few weeks.
  13. Great info vlad,thanks! I'm more of a weekend shooter and have been wanting an AR for a few years so starting simple (with the ability to do some upgrades/customizing) is good for me, not to mention price is also a concern.
  14. Ditto. It's my first also and from what I'm seeing it can be customized quite a bit in time
  15. Why would you never get one with out a forward assist? Everything I read and the places I stopped today all said the same thing. If your not crawling through mud, dirt and sand, there is really no reason to have one. Technically this does have one.. at about the 2:15 mark.
  16. Its getting some killer reviews all over the internet, youtube, etc. I think I might just be sold on this
  17. When the time comes (and money) i could change to something like this http://www.mountsplus.com/AR-15_Accessories/AR-15_Scope_Rings/105-BH-71QF01-BK.html and then add all my little goodies. right?
  18. This is the exact topic I was looking for. I went to NJFG today to go look at AR's and came across the M&P Sport which they are selling for 675, and they had one there. Was going to buy it but wanted to do some more research on it. Stopped at the bullet hole today also, they did not have any in stock but price was 699. I'm a S&W fan, the SW99 was my first gun and my favorite of my collection so I obviously trust the brand. I know I'm loosing the dust cover and the thumb push thing (sorry I don't know the technical name, lol) aside from that it's got everything you could want on an AR for the price it seems. My future plans for it would be tac handle, flashlight holder, and some type of optical sight. Correct me if I'm wrong but the sport should accommodate these wants in the future. Sw99.
  19. I normally use the 115, is it a big difference between that and the 124?
  20. I was also there on the 14th around 10:45-11am with a buddy of mine (can't miss him he is a BIG dude). It was our first time there as well and it was a great experience. The place is very clean, the rage is awesome, endless selection to rent from, and the staff ( a lady helped us get all setup) was very nice. I love that they post the prices of Ammo on the flat screen, but they are very expensive. I brought a 38 and 45 with me but once we saw the prices of the Ammo, didn't even bother. So we just shot my 9mm and .40 and only purchased one box per, because of the price of ammo. 1 Hour range time, 5 bottle cap targets, 1 50 rd box of 9mm, 1 50rd box of .40, we rented the M&P 15-22 w/ 100 rounds and the total was $120. The ammo is insanely expense there, a box of 9mm was just over $24 i don't remember exactly how much the .40's were but I'll bet close to $28. The targets were like $2.50 per which is also a bit expensive. I will go back there even though I'm 45-50 min away (4-5 min away from Bullet Hole) as I loved the range and the staff was great and helpful. I will however be bringing my own ammo and targets this time. I did some research on ammo, even with shipping I would be averaging $13 a box of 9mm and $15 a box of .40 which is a huge savings and targets would be around .75-$1 each vs their $2.50. SW99.
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