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  1. No kidding, LOL. Then you know the area, we will be in Estero (no one ever knows where that is). I plan on going shooting while Im out there as both my parents have CCW's and they want to go when I'm there also. My pops just picked up a new S&W 9mm i want to try out.
  2. Im coming with you. lol Where in Florida? Im flying into Orlando, staying at the Gaylord for a few days then off to Naples for the rest of the time.
  3. My best friend was one of the firearm instructors there yesterday. Wish I could have made it but I had work cause Im leaving for vacation this week.
  4. LOL... Thats what I figured Ill be in Florida for 2 weeks last week of April first week of May. Maybe I will have some luck down there in a few months.
  5. Hey all! Heading down to NC this week for a few days, want to stop and grab some ammo on the way (since you cant find a damn thing up here). Anyone know of any place that has stuff in stock between here and Raleigh, NC? Thanks for the help. Vito.
  6. Hey! Not sure if this is in the correct "sub forum" so apologies if it isn't. I will be traveling down to NC this week and want to bring the rifle (maybe a hand gun as well). I will be driving and have read up on the laws through the various states I will cross through. Pretty much its all the same, keep guns locked in trunk, with ammo in the front (I have a lock box) so I will put it in there. I will be in Wake Forest (between Durham and Raleigh) and am looking for a rifle/handgun range that we can shoot at while there. Anyone familiar with any good spots in that area? Thank you for the help! Vito.
  7. Might hold off on tomorrow. Don't want to drive an hour to have to wait forever to get on a port and then feel rushed. Thanks for the heads up
  8. Wow, $26 a box? That's NUTS
  9. I was there over the summer and they were charging $22 for a box of 9's which is insane, so it's not just now.
  10. I have PMC Bronze. http://www.slickguns.com/product/pmc-bronze-223-rem-55-gr-fmj-bt-20-rndsbx-599-5-shipping That stuff
  11. You make a very solid point. I know I work retail and its been chaos for the last 2 days.
  12. So it would be 25 for a rifle/hand gun port and 10 for my wife? Thanks
  13. Hey everyone! Going shooting with the wife tomorrow and was wondering what range would be good to go to. I will be taking my AR (.223) and a few handguns (.38, 40, 9mm, 45, etc) so some place that will accommodate all of that. I have my own ammo already for all of them, would just need targets. I am located in essex county, but don't mind taking the drive for something good (45-60 min drive is fine). Thinking something indoor (she gets cold quickly) and not the Bullet Hole as I've been going there for over 10 years and would like to try something new and different. Thanks for the suggestions! SW99.
  14. Was thinking about going up there tomorrow with the wife (I've been once). They charge $25 for a Rifle port (ill be brining the AR, and a few hand guns), so is that $25 for the rifle port and can shoot handguns as well or are they going to charge $25 for the rifle and another $20 for the handguns? Since ammo is hard to find these days (.223) I'm only going to bring a bit for the rifle so dont want to get stuck paying $45 for an hour on the port, and I have no intentions of buying it there as the last time i was there they were severely overpriced on ammo. Thanks.
  15. I ordered my Stag 6 position style from Pete at AR15sales, they make them from the factory NJ compliant. They just look like a 6 position but are all one peice.
  16. Did the exact same thing. Got the butt stock and entire upper from Stag already NJ compliant.
  17. SW99

    Range Suggestions

    Im going on Friday for around 10am. If you around let me know and we'll meet up.
  18. SW99

    Range Suggestions

    Thanks for the info! In order to become a member you need to attend a meeting right? First or second sunday of the month? Where is that? Im going shooting Friday also, even if its to the bullet hole just to get some rounds out of the AR with the new grips.
  19. SW99

    Range Suggestions

    CJRPC is a bit out of the way. I've been shooting for years, just hand guns though, this is my first rifle and shooting inside gets old very quick especially with Bullet Holes 23 yrd range. I want to have more option, longer ranges, etc. I guess joining CR is going to be the best corse of action for me, since its the closest for the most part, but also the least expensive. Who's a member there? Do you like it? It it hard to get ports on weekends, nights, etc? Thanks.
  20. Very nice! I have the same grip and forward grip on mine. You are really making me think about getting the magpul hand guard now, it looks so good.
  21. SW99

    Range Suggestions

    It seems all the outdoor ranges are membership only ones. I guess its something to consider...
  22. SW99

    Range Suggestions

    I looked the membership fees, Old Bridge is a bit more expensive. They do have the indoor range thats 24/7 which is nice, so i guess you pay for the convenience.
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