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  1. Gotta question how long did it take for you to obtain your fid in Bound Brook?

  2. ...And found out on Friday that one of them is actually a 13 round mag...LOL.
  3. Just found this thread. The Henry Golden Boy looks great but I think I want the H001T (Octagon Barrel). I just held it at Efinger in Bound Brook and it felt really solid. They wanted $379, FYI. The H001T felt better, 20" barrel. I believe they had a H001, shorter barrel (18.25" according to Buds), but I didn't hold that one. H001T can fire 22 S, L, and LR. H001 is only LR and also isn't the octagon barrel. Also is ~$100 cheaper. If anyone has a H001T that is used and they're looking to sell, please PM me...
  4. Didn't say I wanted to, just was curious if it was legal or not. That's like asking "why do people put up signs on their property saying "Screw the dog, beware the owner?" Either way, I would think to most people in this state catching the glimpse of a firearm would we a good sign to move on to another house if you were planning on robbing it.
  5. Just a random question, is it legal to open carry when say, answering your door, as a deterrent? Expecting a no, but it is private property. Just a thought.
  6. That thing looks awesome. The Civil War "renactment" was cool. As already said, if it isn't illegal, it will be soon.
  7. Flyers fan. Wow the Flyers are just getting stomped. Devils forecheck has been nothing short of stellar and the Flyers don't seem to adjust to it at all, just sit back and think their style can beat the Devils. So their breakout is broken from the start, and the rest of their play just topples along with it. Well, following that logic put them down 3-1. I can't see this series going past game 5. Devils are doing exactly what they need to do. Bryzgalov had a great game tonight. Too bad he was the only Flyer that showed up.
  8. You do know they're a HUGE supporter of the United States military, right?
  9. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of defensive fights but if it's going to be defensive I'd prefer to see it go to wrestling or jujitsu. GSP on the ground is a thing of beauty to watch. But watching the two supposed best fighters in the world for that division (Evans and Jones) dance around in circles for 25 minutes isn't entertaining. The Koscheck-Hendricks fight is a great example of a really REALLY good fight that just went to decision, even though I'd prefer to see a TKO/submission rather than decision. Both guys were throwing solid punches that were connecting but both had granite chins. As Hendricks said, Koscheck is a tough guy, and he couldn't knock him out. I love Koscheck's fight (even if he is a total d-bag). Regardless, I was on the edge of my seat for that entire fight (literally). I've heard on and off things about the people who actually go to fights. Some love the sport, others just want to see people get knocked out. I'd rather just get the PPV. You get a camera angle from 10 feet away, vs. watching ants fight from the upper level.
  10. Well that's good. Should help cover the costs of moving. Last I heard he apologized via twitter, which was just as stupid as the first tweet. Because after all, everybody in their 70's uses twitter.
  11. So how long until that elderly couple sues Spike Lee for tweeting their address as Zimmerman's?
  12. I caught the Koscheck-Hendricks fight and the Miller-Diaz fight and both were quality fights. Better than the Evans-Jones fight the week before. Championship matches keep turning into survival matches and are boring as all hell now.
  13. This is key more than anything. I shut down my apps whenever I get a chance. Great way to save battery life. I've heard a lot of people who complain about battery life often don't know about shutting apps down.
  14. Yeah I've never seen it go below 20%, even when I was using it a lot through the day. I've been happy with the battery life. For example, my fiancee is playing Bejeweled, and will probably play for another hour. It was at 75% now. Probably will be between 60-65% when I get it back. And that's an hour of straight playing. If you don't use it constantly, battery life shouldn't be an issue.
  15. All your pics are really cool. I have to ask. The one on the bottom pointing left in this picture, what does it say?
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