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  1. Just to clarify transporting its not an issue as long as the gun is NJ compliant right? Also here is the show info if someone is interested http://gunshowtrader.com/gun-shows/split-rock-gun-show/
  2. Hi everyone, I usually buy my guns at a gun store like everyone else, however this weekend Eagle Arms will be having a gun show in lake harmony PA (about 1 hour from me) and I know that prices from both vendors and gun owners are very affordable at this type of shows. Here comes the question - Can I legally buy a long gun at an out of state show and have it shipped to a gun store in NJ for pick up? - I'm planing to go either way but it will be much more fun if I can purchase something. Please let me know
  3. Not sure if I am getting off topic here but I got my P2P a few weeks ago and I went to the store to buy a handgun. I was informed that the waiting period for NICS is currently 14 days +.... I pay in full for my purchase April 20 and still waiting for a call back.. I had previously buy handguns from the same store and the process took only a few hours
  4. Awesome place…. I went to the store recently just to check how it looks, and I was very satisfied with the inventory and customer service. I ended up buying a handgun and now I am impatiently waiting the 30 day period to get another one from them. Not only are the prices very reasonable but I must say is probably one of the best customer service gun shops I have deal with. Keep up the good work
  5. I live in Hawthorne and we have a small range in town which is still really close to you. i am not sure if it is for Hawthorne residents only but i can tell you there is plenty of friendly ppl there we have a 25yd target set up and we shoot trap as well if you are interested in give it a shot ill be more than happy to introduce you
  6. I know this is out of topic but im looking for a .22lr pistol and the Colt 1911 really caught my eye. Hows the quality and performance of this gun i've read really mixed reviews. Thanks
  7. Thanks , the map was really helpful and helped me find information about the Waldwick indoor range, they accomodate high power rifles and I will be taking the basic firearms class there "if posible" since its free and as siderman mention it wont hurt to get that out of the way. here is part of the information i got directly from them... "Waldwick Pistol and Rifle Club Inc. is open to the residents of Waldwick, NJ, and on a limited basis, the residents of Allendale, Ramsey, Hohokus, Ridgewood, and Midland Park" They also pointed me to the Hawthorne gun club which is surprisingly outdoors and they even have a clay range... I got directions to the place and will be heading there on sunday to find out exactly whats the deal and price if any. I will post some pictures next week it may be good who knows.... I'm just getting as much information as I can until the 4th when I will be heading to Cherry Ridge. I will keep you posted as i have more information
  8. Thank you for the quick answers. Someone told me that there is a small indoor range in Fairlawn NJ... that will be for the ocasional Monday to friday shooting for only $65 a year (membership) Anyone knows this place? i will like to hear from someone since there is no reviews about this place. siderman thank you for the information. I check online and sent an email to the membership department, they instructed me to go before 9:00am Sunday the 4th for orientation and I should be good to go after that. How do you like that place? people in here seem to be very happy with the range but it never hurts to get more information about it. Again if there is more ranges close by please let me know
  9. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I need some help I started shooting clays a few months back in Thunder Mountain in Ringwood and quickly got addicted to it. I finally got my FPID last week and I want to find a range close to me. Next week I will be buying my first rifle (smith and wesson m&p 15) and a shotgun (Remington 887) but unfortunately my search for a decent range close to me isn't going well. Can someone point me in the right direction to the best ranges in the area? I live in Ridgewood NJ so anything up north jersey is in consideration Thanks
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