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  1. I would have shipped it using Shipmygun.com. Easily the cheapest method I've found for shipping any firearm. In the event that the manufacturer needed to send you a new gun, you could just give them the name/address of whatever FFL you want to receive it for you and do the transfer. I sold a pair of handguns to a guy in NY and shipped them both in the same box using shipmygun.com and it was less than $30.
  2. Millville has a "home occupation" ordinance which designates it as a "conditional use" that can be granted by the planning board. One of the prerequisites, though, is that no sales can be conducted on the premises. So yes, technically I could do internet and or gun show sales and be in compliance. The problem is that I'm still at the mercy of the planning board whether I meet the prerequisites or not. My suspicion is that they would deny any business plan which results in me selling guns out of my house (internet or otherwise). I could be wrong but, the truth is, I don't really want to sell guns anyway. I want to do repairs and transfers. Thats it. And I know that I could get the planning board to allow me to do those things because I know a gunsmith who does exactly those things who lives around the corner from me. The problem is, he got his FFL like 40 years ago. Not sure if the rules have changed. At the end of the day, life would be a lot easier if the ATF and NJSP would grant me the licenses just based on being zoned for a gunsmithing business.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Thats what I would think as well, but that recording when I called the NJSP threw me off. It was very specific that it had to say the premises is approved for retail firearms sales.
  4. I'm aware of that. The question kind of applies to both, though. Does the letter HAVE to say that I'm approved for retail sales if I don't plan on selling anything?
  5. I called the NJSP firearms invest unit but can't get anybody to pick up the phone, so figured I'd ask here. I'm in the process of obtaining a professional gunsmithing cert and hope to run my business (part time) out of my home. The recorded message at the NJSP states that, before they will send you an application, you need a letter from your zoning official that states that you are approved for "retail firearms and ammunition sales." Thing is, I have zero intention of selling guns or ammunition. But i still need a retail dealer's license to operate as a gunsmith. So is it ok if the zoning letter states that I am approved for gunsmithing activities, or does it have to say that I'm approved for sales in spite of the fact that I won't be selling anything?
  6. moved post
  7. I mean... it WILL generate revenue. Colorado has done pretty well with it. Its just not enough to fund the pension or pay for all the fancy new entitlement programs that he wants to implement.
  8. LoL. He also met with me, personally, when I sent him a letter regarding another issue that has nothing to do with guns. Not only that, but he actually authored a bill pertaining to that issue which is in the drafting stage. Probably won't go anywhere, but the fact that he personally met with me and took action, AND he's a pro gun guy, Democrat or not, he has my vote.
  9. I did vote for Jeff Van Drew, though. A+ rating with the NRA... and a Democrat.
  10. I'm down south, so we're probably more conservative than most. I don't think its a liberal vs. conservative thing down here so much as, are you a DB or not? Most aren't. But there are just enough to cause a problem and make you look over your shoulder.
  11. Sad, but true. For all the talk of the "thin blue line," I know more than a few cops that would sell me out as well. Little personal story. Back in 2012ish... I was having a conversation with a co-worker about guns (big surprise) and happened to mention the fact that I own a couple of 22 round Glock magazines (didn't say where they were... just that I owned them). A particular Sergeant who happened to overhear the conversation later pulled me aside and gave me an ultimatum: Either I turn the magazines in to internal affairs (which he assured me that I wouldn't be disciplined for as he had "already talked to the chief" who told him that they would be considered "recovered property") OR he would be forced to file an internal affairs complaint. So before I informed him that said magazines were at my buddy's place in PA... I basically told him to go ahead and tell internal affairs. He was in shock. I then said, "I would love to see them try to get a search warrant for my house based on the fact that somebody overheard me say that I had something when nobody has seen them and I gave no indication of where they were." After watching him turn all shades of red, I said "Doesn't matter anyway, they're at my buddy's house in PA." and just walked away. Never said another word to me about it.
  12. When I joined my local range back in 2013, I was required to sit through a NRA gun safety course, during which they advised to hang onto our certificate as it would qualify should that bill pass. Take that for what its worth.
  13. A dealer would probably be able to answer this better than I could, but I am 99% sure that when you run a NICS check, they don't ask for any information about the firearm that you're purchasing. So while I could believe that they might have statistics on how many firearms you own (estimating by the number of NICS checks for your name), they aren't going to know exactly what you have in terms of long guns. Handguns are, of course, registered. Also, I work for a county prosecutor's office and used to handle domestic violence weapons forfeiture investigations. I can tell you that, when you run someone's name through NCIC, it will tell if he or she has a firearms purchaser ID card and it will specify which handguns that person owns. It will also specify long guns if that person was stupid enough to file a "voluntary form of register" for them. So unless the ATF and NJSP are in cahoots and keeping a secret list (which is possible, I guess), the NJSP doesn't know which rifles and shotguns you have.
  14. Also, don't be a Blue Falcon. If you see someone at the range with something that is questionable, just smile and waive. I just got sick to my stomach... again.
  15. Its far from a silver lining, but worth noting that no Democratic governor has won re-election since Brendan Byrne did 40 years ago, in 1977. A lot of damage can be done in 4 years, though.