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  1. Location: Millville Asking: $1000 Up for sale is my Mossberg Maverick 88. *NEVER FIRED* Just been sitting in the safe. Comes as seen with Aim Sports forend w/pic rails. Polymer heat shield. TacStar 6 shell side saddle. Phoenix technologies 6 position pistol grip stock. Fiber optic snap on sight. Magpul angled foregrip. Also comes with the following ammo. 773 rounds of Sellier and Bellot 2 3/4 inch 9 pellet 00 buckshot 100 rounds of Federal 2 3/4 tactical slugs 23 rounds of Wolf 2 3/4 rifled slugs 15 rounds of Winchester Super X 2 3/4 rifled slugs Will meet you at an FFL half way between us. My local FFL will do the transfer for $41 including NICS. Might be worth the extra miles if it saves you money. Up to you. Alternatively, if you're a LEO we can do a P2P transaction without an FFL. FAQ "How much for just the shotgun or ammo?" -Not selling them separately. You're either buying all of it or none of it, sorry. "Will you ship to my FFL?" -Not worth the hassle, sorry. "Do you have the original forend and stock for the shotgun?" - I have the original forend, which you are welcome to, but not the original stock. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  2. Yes, sorry, it is a pump. Original post updated with photo and that information. Shoot me a PM.
  3. Location: Millville (Cumberland County) Selling an Armscor/RIA 6 shot 12 gauge pump. Never fired, just sits in the safe. Nickle finish. Comes as pictured (minus the ammo). Heat shield, speed feed stock, NcStar 4 shell side saddle. Light and mount. The light is some cheapo brand from Amazon. Works, though. Asking $250. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  4. Location: Millville (Cumberland County) Selling a Maverick 88 Security 6 shot 12 gauge shotgun. Never fired it- just sits in the safe. Comes as pictured (minus the ammo) with polymer heat shield, TacStar 6 shell side saddle, Phoenix technologies adjustable stock, TruGlo fiber optic sight, Streamlight Polytac flashlight w/mount. I no longer have the original stock, sorry. Asking $300. Please don't ask if I'm willing to sell for less without the extras. The answer is no, but willing to listen to all reasonable offers for what you see here (though I think $300 is a fair price in this market). The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
  5. Tentatively sold to an buyer from outside the the forums. Payment pending. See my post above about having a tentative buyer. Should that fall through though, the answer to your question is it's an all or nothing deal. But I'm willing to listen to offers so I would just say just PM me with your best offer.
  6. Location: Millville, NJ (Cumberland County) Selling a new Gen 5 Glock 19 w/ 3 magazines. Comes as pictured (minus the ammo in the mags- still need to unload them). I have never fired this pistol. Purchased a few years ago and its just been sitting in the safe. Comes as pictured with original box, removable backstraps, speed loader, lock, and an O-Light PL2 Valkyrie gun mounted light. Sale must go through a NJ dealer unless the buyer is a LEO, in which case we can do a person 2 person transaction as I am an LEO as well (will still need a valid pistol permit). PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE 15 ROUND MAGAZINES, for which I have an exemption as an LEO. If you are not a LEO, you will need the transferring dealer to pin or block these mags for you. Alternatively, you can purchase the mag blocks ahead of time and I will insert them for you before transferring the firearm to you. Asking price is $700 OBO. I will not hold on a deposit if you don't have your permit yet. I will take payment up front, in full, to hold the gun for you until you receive your permit, but payment is non refundable if you are not approved for your permit. I don't have any ammo I can sell you, sorry. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
  7. Location: Millville, NJ (Cumberland County) This listing is for a Century Arms VSKA chambered in 7.62x39mm. Muzzle brake has been permanently attached for NJ compliance. Included with this rifle are 4 steel KCI 10 round double stack magazines. Comes as pictured with original wood furniture, O-light PL2 Valkyrie light (w/barrel mount), and Russian surplus sling. I purchased this rifle a few years ago, took it to the range and fired roughly 30 rounds. I then brought it home, cleaned it, and put it in my safe. That is where it has been ever since. Also included with this rifle are (roughly) 1500 rounds of FMJ ammunition. It is a mix of Wolf WPA 124 grain and Wolf Military Classic 123 grain. Most of it is still boxed, but some are loose in surplus ammo cans. Will get a more accurate count when I get home from work and update this post. It may be closer to 2000 rounds, but even so, the price remains the same. I'm asking $1200 FIRM for the rifle and the ammunition. Please don't ask if I'm willing to sell either separately. The answer will be (respectfully) no. Sale must go through a NJ dealer, unless the buyer is a LEO, in which case we can do a person to person transaction as I am a LEO as well. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
  8. Ok. So THIS seems to answer the question in the original post. Thanks!
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