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  1. Carl could have shot the gov when he went to go take that swing at Hershel- not sure why he didn't!! made me upset...
  2. Nice. Good for you! Yeah - I guess we haven't found 'the one' yet. Deal with my wife? Its more like her and I made a decision for a nanny with each of our own reasons to steer away from daycare. Not 'placating' her.
  3. Honestly, I didn't come on here to debate this issue. Wife and I made our mind already. Just looking for help from fellow members on background checks and maybe reputable places for nannies. Thanks for all your opinions though
  4. I totally hear this.. but wife won't budge on the germs thing and I believe we should be able to find some nanny to take care of our daughter well and give her more attention than she would get in daycare... Also, my safe, my 'expensive' attractive stuff will stay locked away between the office and bedroom which will be under lock and key and have camera's pointing away over them... at the end of the day, if I stayed scared of every horrible possibility, I'd go and move to Montana and be a hermit, but I can't and I need to look past fears and try to live life .. with as much precaution as possible (like a thorough background check process!)
  5. Appreciate that. We used care.com ... but are reluctant to trust there background check service after reading some reviews about how they miss felony records/driving records etc
  6. Wife is slightly OCD (I think more than slightly) and the daycare facilities we visited in our area were either too dirty or had people walk through the rooms on the carpet that an infant crawls around on and sticks in their mouth. I personally would like 1 on 1 attention for our daughter also, so a nanny is the best for this, but I'm a better to be safe than sorry person and as I and my wife maintain a clean record and try to be upstanding citizens, I expect the same for someone who will be caring for my daughter.
  7. We are actually getting Comcast Home Security setup and that includes some interior cameras.. so def great idea.. but I'd like to prevent anything from happening if I can, rather than watching something unfold from my office in NYC, you know?
  8. I will take PM's if they don't want to publicize themselves.. Having a strange lady in our house while we're gone with my child (plus my other children locked up) just doesn't sit right and I need something to prove to me that this new person we just met is not some night time prostitute or has been dealing drugs or has a suspended license etc etc.. you know? Wife is all on edge to so this will help.
  9. Okay- so I'm assuming some of the members on here are either parents or might be in law enforcement.. and my predicament is this. My wife found a nanny for our daughter (first child- 4 months old) because she is going back to work in 2 weeks. I want to run a background check. There seems to be a lot of these beenverified.com/ intelius.com / us search.com and all these sites, but they don't seem to be thorough. I have her DL and passport and want to know if someone can point me in the direction to get a thorough check to make sure there isn't anything fishy since this lady will be in my house with both of us gone and our new daughter... advice please? Thanks!!
  10. JrzyGuy30

    Home Security

    No lead in the side light- just small windows vertically stacked. Wife won't allow it just in case there is a fire emergency and she needs to get out.. she always fumbles with keys and well, that was all she wrote. I pick and choose my battles carefully, and this isn't worth the debate
  11. JrzyGuy30

    Home Security

    Banka - thanks for the response.. So my thoughts have always been to find out where I can purchase this film and apply to my sliding doors- at least to slow down anyone.. #2 - we have that narrow decorative window next to our front door and I've wondered if I can get the same thing to keep someone from just shattering the glass and sticking their hand in to unlock the front door? Thoughts?
  12. JrzyGuy30

    Home Security

    Are there any sliding glass doors that are shatterproof? Thats my weak point in my home.. annoys me when I think about it.
  13. I don't carry.. I keep my 9mm upstairs in condition 0 by my bed (no kids - just a 2 month old infant so this will change very soon) and then a side by side shotgun downstairs with me hidden behind furniture - condition 1... so either way both firearms are in relative close reach.
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