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  1. Ron is really on top of it. Joe and Jim are pretty helpful as well. They know me by name, know what I like, and give me a "heads up" phone call if something I may like comes through the door. Pricing is pretty avg. layaway is pretty handy while you wait for paperwork, etc. For the time they spend selling the product, I have no problem giving them the sale.
  2. Those Midwest px pmags work like a charm! Pmc & federal ammo are the only ones I've tried. Runs great.
  3. Nothing but good xperiences at the Ramsey location. Try again. They are a good bunch of folks.
  4. When something goes bump in the night, what will be waiting to greet them? What gun(s) & what's in it? If you can explain your rationale, that would be interesting to know. There are so many varying opinions here, so this should be fun!
  5. That carry thing had me scratching my head, too. I look at it this way.... Some people will pay. That still takes the pressure off of the other ranges, giving us all options. I don't mind BH, but Christ does it get crowded!
  6. As if the excitement of a new range in Woodland Park wasn't enough, a friend pointed me to this tidbit in the local paper. http://www.theobserver.com/?p=10154 Options! Finally.
  7. My first was the beretta 92F. Still bring it out now and then. Glock 17 & 19 are great choices. I recently picked up the Walther PPQ and am pretty impressed with the trigger. Happy shopping!
  8. I've owned the S&W 686 for years. Fantastic pistol and a pleasure to shoot. "balls on" accurate.
  9. Loving my PPQ! Midway has the baby eagle mags back in stock. Still looking at holster options.
  10. Pascrell will not likely be any better. By his party affiliation, he can't help it. Imho... I think this was the final nail in the coffin. http://rothman.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1517&Itemid=1
  11. Just on the outside of the barrel. Bore is clean. Fine steel wool? Isn't that still going to mar the bluing?
  12. While wiping down the barrel of my shotgun, I came up with a little bit of rust residue. Subsequent wiping with hopes continued to bring out residue. Any suggestions for gentle treatment?
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