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  1. I've seen knurled pieces that thread onto muzzle threads .Are these legal in NJ? Do they need to be pinned or welded?
  2. Ordered the LPK from brownell's..went off with out a hitch ..all if have is a stripped lower at this point,no non compliant parts
  3. I just recently bought a stripped lower. Since this is a budget build ,I shopped around on the Internet for a "affordable" lower parts kit over the weekend.I found 1 at cheaper then dirt .com .only to my surprise they would not ship it to NJ because the parts kit includes a pistol grip .. Is this policy unique to CTD.COM or is this what I can expect to run into if I try to get my parts online???
  4. smooth easy transaction, even though i was late..nice guy ..highly recommended .. thanks Ray
  5. Veras is a hero IMO.he dealt out justice to a scumbag junkie.who otherwise, if caught for the crime would have gotten a slap on the wrist..some people get what they deserve
  6. ultra smooth transaction, super nice guy
  7. jon went way over and above to make our little transaction ..nice guy, highly recommended..thanks again jon
  8. welcome,..you should check out south jersey shooting club
  9. not to mention,if your on welfare your also intitled to a free education.,albeit, community college.but its still free
  10. its too bad we cant choose our neighbors,they can make your life miserable.
  11. some people may choose to defend their home and family,others may choose to cower in a locked room til the police arrive, hopefully in time
  12. There is nothing more intimidating then the sight 12 ga pump being pointed at you ,and the sound of a round being racked into the chamber.IMO would probably scare off most would be intruders.and the ones who arent,5 rounds of 00 buckshot should do the trick...IMO more firepower then you would ever need in a HD situation..
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