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  1. Yes, it is better now. Between this response and others and I did speak to the store from which I purchased, as well as the manufacturer. It appears that there was something wrong with my friend's 92fs: with the safety off and you racked the slide, the hammer fell to DA mode for first shot (SA for subsequent). I spoke to him and he did confirm this to me and after causing all of this mayhem here on the forum and all the phone calls I had to make. Anyway, this then made me think that there was something wrong with mine, when in fact, it is fine and operating as manufactured. This is all still new to me. I've taken the in-person NRA training courses (they try to teach you everything) and I'm reading the books and watching the videos. But, it is really great to have a forum like this to be able to ask questions -- even if they are newbie questions. :-) Again, thank you all for the help!
  2. Oh wow -- I just came back today to see all of the responses. First, let me apologize to Vlad, I, by no means, thought you were being disrespectful to me and I hope that my email didn't come across as mean. That was the last thing I wanted to do. I was just looking for some help from anyone that may have experienced this before. I do appreciate all of the responses and totally agree with the fact that we should all be familiar with our weapons before using them. I thought I was until I shot it for the first time and had this happen. It was different from all of my other past experiences with other 92fs I have shot. Thank you all for your helpful comments
  3. Vlad -- I absolutely read my manual cover to cover and then read again when this occurred and could not find the answer, hence, my question to te forum
  4. I've been shooting my new 92fs for about a week now. Strangely it is now always shooting single action without the first double action pull. All other 92fs I have shot have a double action first pull. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Mike
  5. I'm planning on coming by next Sunday. Looking for a club to join as a 1st time gun owner now. Want to immerse myself and learn and experience new gun aspects. Mike
  6. Just wanted to say "hi" and thanks as a lot of the posts on this site helped me with newbie topics for me like places to buy reasonably priced ammo and different gun types. I've taken some NRA basic pistol courses and then bought a Beretta 92fs Inox and can't wait for the weekend to try her out! Mike
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