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  1. I found this same 750 rd case of Radway Green (7.62x51) sold for $1200 plus shipping on gun broker.
  2. thanks that was a Typo its $900 for the 750 rounds of Radway Green 7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm, .308) L2A2 Ball Ammo
  3. i agree i dont want to deal with all the rules for different states, im just listing it here and meet the person face to face
  4. I have 2 different items, up for sale, The buyer MUST meet me in the parking lot of (Reloaderz NJ 1813 State Route 23 Wayne, NJ 07470), at a time of mutual agreement. If you interested in buying post and send a me a MSG. Item 1: 1000 800 rounds of (5 4 200rds Battle packs) of AB 22, 20 Patrone (20 cartridges), 7.62 x 51, DM 111, Weichkern”. this is from the internet about the ammo (AB 22 is the design whose terminal ballistic performance in tissue is unique from most other 7.62 NATO FMJBT Ball bullet designs. 7.62MM x 51 is the caliber. DM 111 is the bullet, 147 grain soft core NATO ball (berdan primed, non corrosive). The bullets are a cupronickel covered mild steel jacketed FMJ, and Weichkern means Soft Core. Also on the box is a circle with a cross (meaning NATO approved ammo) and a solid black circle (meaning ball ammo). These were manufactured in 1994.) $180, per 200 rds battle pack Item # 2 I am selling a sealed case, total of 750 rounds of Radway Green 7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm, .308) L2A2 Ball Ammo. In sealed boxes stamped "Made in England" This is the real deal, high quality 7.62 NATO ammo that is very hard to find today. This is photo the case I’m selling showing still sealed. Price $ 900 for case 750 rds
  5. Im getting ready to sell some bulk mil surplus ammo I don't need anymore. is there any law against selling bulk ammo and shipping it person to person either in state or out of state? thanks for any imput
  6. I took everything apart with the exception of the rear forearm guard, I don't see any markings
  7. someone asked about the barrel marking, i will take it apart and take pictures
  8. I have always thought 308 and 762 are the same, that is why I listed it as both, I only have fired Military surplus 762 NATO ammo in this Garand sorry for any confusion.
  9. this is some more pictures, I will get one of barrel marking tonight
  10. WTS Beretta M1 Garand 308 ( PRICE IS $2,500) This is a "Rare" Beretta M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle, made by Beretta in Italy. Has a beautiful Walnut wooden stock, sling swivels, metal butt plate. The gun is in great condition, "Low" serial #. THIS BERETTA m1 GARAND WAS MANUFACTURED IN 7.62 CALIBER; FEWER THEN 200 WERE KNOWN TO BE IMPORTED INTO THE U.S. by Bob Reese of Springfield armory around 1990. These rifles are 1/2" shorter than 3006 Garand versions. I have owned it about 10 years; the original owner who sold it to me stated he never fired it. I have only taken to range twice I first got it. I did was add a Smith Enterprise M1 Garand Muzzle Brake. FID and matching DL required with transfer thru FFL. Located in West Milford, Buyer responsible for transfer fees.I am located in West Milford and will only travel 50 miles to meet. if you’re interested PM any questions. The first to post "I'll take it" establishes the buyer.
  11. HI, I have a Beretta M1 Garand in 308 it is kind of rare less than 300 in series, it’s in mint condition I can supply pictures if you’re interested, I’m looking for $2,500 for it
  12. HI, I have a Beretta M1 Garand in 308 it is kind of rare less than 300 in series, it’s in mint condition I can supply pictures if you’re interested, I’m looking for $2,500 for it
  13. i see these Citadel 9mm carbine for sale on line any idea if NJ Legal?? do Dealer get some kind of list of what they can and can not sell?
  14. My Powerland is just LP, but it ran like a champ for 12 days about 12hr each, started as soon as i turned the key. and powerland is easy company to deal with. i had a couple qustion when the generator first arived and their tech support was great.
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