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  1. Just saw on Facebook a new gun shop opened in spotswood. If I'm correct it's on summerhill rd. Some of the residents are trying to get a protest going to shut it down because there are schools on that road.
  2. peppers


    I work for amtrak. I will look into those online resources. Thanks for the replies
  3. peppers


    My x wife handled the taxes and had a guy who did them. He retired last year which was our last year filing joint. I've thought about doing them myself but I have never done it before. Maybe someone can recommend a good tax guy in the central jersey area.
  4. im renovating my house and have gotten to the kitchen now. my sink is on the opposite side of the house from the sewer line. my original idea was to move the kitchen to another room but after lots of measuring that just won't work. the previous setup had 1 1/2 pvc in the wall with a vent line out the roof. going to the basement there was no pitch in the line going across the house until it made a 90 degree down into the sewer line. i always had a smell from the sink my guess is stuff never made it down without the pitch. i will install new lines and a garbage disposal. the problem i have is both sets of stairs to the basement are on the c side. the sewer line is on the b side and the sink is on the c side. what can i do to run proper drainage without having pipe going across my stairs? the basement is only 6ft high. will remain unfinished.
  5. Well I did some Google searching. I contacted a firearms lawyer. I'll see what he says. I can't see 3 agencies telling me I'll get my license back being im sol. But then again this is new jersey. My main concern is placing My handguns someplace safe where if the end of my term I got some reason cannot get my fid card back I can sell them.
  6. First of all lawyers are not as knowledgeable as you think. He had no answers for me. Second the sheriff department and the probation officer said I would have my card returned to me after probation. Non custodial probation is not like regular probation. Of you don't have an educational answer then please refrain from posting.
  7. ok so long story short my lying x girlfriend got me roped in on a charge. i made a deal and got 3 years non custodial probation. guilty by association whatnot. anyway i have already heard the sheriff department tell me to just hide my stuff, probation officer tell me transfer it to a friend (which i did except handguns.) and the police department told me sometimes stuff gets misplaced or disappears completely. now i was told by the police and the probation officer after my time is up i will get my card back i just can't have anything in my home firearm related while on probation. does anyone know if i can just send my handguns off to the same friend i transferred my collectable long rifles to and just make a document that says he is holding them for me? i haven't been able to get a clear answer from anybody on this.
  8. i think the only fair way to give title of who is better is to get the idf and the russain girls in a elimination mud wrestling tournament
  9. The kitchen needs a total teardown anyway. Fridge died, electric stove is dying. Drywall is shot, cabinets were out of another house and don't match. I want to move the kitchen to another room. The sink is shot and to have the proper drain angle you would have to step over the pipe going down the stairs. So I plan to remedy all of that. I can do the wood floors. I have done them before. The bathroom I tore out completely and redesigned it. Soon as the order arrives the 1950s nasty tub goes by by by and replaced with a massive shower stall with glass surround and 8 head shower system. Tile I just have to buy. I have a friend that does awsome tile work just cost me beer and pizza
  10. i have lived in the house a year. i finished half the basement, did new windows. all electrical is complete. i know what it needs I've done construction for years. problem is time. i go to my xs house every day to help the kids with homework then I'm off to work for the night. i can tackle projects on the weekend but the big stuff I'm at the point id rather get a crew to do it then ill do the rest.
  11. My driveway goes back to a garage in my yard so out isn't an option. There is a second floor. I would like to raid it up and turn it to 2 bedrooms for when my kids visit. I already did the sewer line and electric. My oil heat took a dive last year so I have been using a wood stove. Gas is on the to do list. Pseg already said they would do it I just need the lines done in the house. I have a room that my son was using for a bedroom. If like to make that the kitchen and turn the current kitchen into a dining room. My bedroom and bathroom I already did myself. If I could get the roof raised I could do majority myself.
  12. i knew this junk house would pay off lol. i got my appraisal on my refinance and my house is valued at twice what i payed for it. majority is still 1950s that i am updating. any recommendations for hvac, additions, plumbing for central nj is greatly appreciated.
  13. i had mine rebuilt. i sustained the injury when i was 27 doing steel work. comp was a mofo to deal with. usually if its torn they use cut it and thats it. because of my age they did the full reattach surgery. nothing showed on my mri so be prepared to fight comp. I'm at 80% capacity of what i used to be on that arm. i can't throw anymore without pain. i wear a forearm cover like football players do that goes halfway up my bicep so i can work without upsetting the muscles.
  14. peppers


    i got an mg42 parts kit for christmas. seems to be every part for the internals, barrel, barrel shroud, muzzle, grip assembly, butt, etc. did not come with a receiver. I have some metal work to do to clean up what is here. i would like to know if there is anywhere i can get a receiver blank or one thats not totally trashed. I'm not looking to make this shoot just to make a static display for my ww2 collection but be able to move parts on it to show how it worked. any suggestions or tips from anyone that has built one?
  15. a friend of mine recently got probation for offending a minor that was in the room with an adult conversation going on. he is a firearms owner and his lawyer said a third degree probation shouldn't effect his owning guns in any way. he needs to change his address on his card. would there be any complications? i don't want to dis his lawyer but a second opinion couldn't hurt. otherwise i need to get some cash up to buy some of his collection.
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