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  1. Well I called my ffl and they said that it was approved, finally. It really sucks that I have to ask permission from someone that wouldn't know me if I walked into the room with them. I feel as if I am 6 years old again. I am so done with this state and ready to move to america..... saving my money to move. But at least I was able to get my hand gun
  2. I am beginning to think that. Maybe I should go and try to get my money back and just add that to my move out of jersey fund. I guess that is what I get for moving to this damn state from a free state.
  3. Well today is day 15 of waiting for my NICS approval to come back. This is BS, I'm a law abiding citizen that has served in the Air Force, I had a Top Secret security clearance. I am all for back ground checks to keep firearms away from people that are not suspossed to have them. But, I think this is going over board. I will be so glad when I have the money saved to get out of this Commy state. Everyday, I hate this state more and more. I wonder how much longer I will have to wait to be approved.
  4. Personally I wouldn't pay $18.00 for one. I don't like the feel of them. I would rather the feel of my 1911 tauras
  5. Is it legal in jersey to have a forward grip on the forearm Thank you
  6. I have a chance to purchase and old Mauser type rifle from someone in pa. What paperwork do I need to make this legal He doesn't have a FID. I do, Thank you
  7. Thanks for the reply. I worked all the triggers on my black powder guns so I kind of figured that I might have to do a little work to the trigger.
  8. I have a question, would a 10/22 with a bull pup stock be legal in new jersey. Or am I just wish full thinking. Thanks
  9. I went to range 14 today. 16 may 12. All rifle lanes were open today. Took my new Henry .22 and got lane for 2 hours right off the bat. Got there at 1245 and was shooting right away. They have a new rule now that you have to put chamber flags now to show that your weapon is empty. They sell them 6 for a $1.00. They are just neon zip ties. But the new roof and benches are nice
  10. I went to range 14 about a month ago and brought my own target backers. Made from angle iron and 3/8 inch plywood. They told me that I couldn't use them cause it was too thick. I was told that it had to be luan or paneling, when I ask why I was told that is the rules and the guy was really rude about how he said it. So I was forced to buy one of their targets.
  11. Thank all ya'll for the replays and info
  12. Thank you very much for your reply.
  13. I have just been reading nj2a site about flash ccw. Am I right in my reading that my dd214 is all I need to show proof of weapons safety course and then send in the $117.00 and the correct forms. So it is my understanding that I don't have to take any other safety courses. Thank you
  14. Nothing beats a nice looking rack. In the process of building my own now
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