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  1. Getting weary of answering PM's from people who can't read and want to break up the lot and even more weary doing the math for people who are arithmetically challenged. My actual prepandemic cost from normal retail channels was about $2300. Go to Powder Valley and add up the components and the shipping and hazmat etc and you will see that. I thought I was being generous here offering to sell at old prices, but for some reason people think they can buy it at less than old prices. Why, in this market anyone would magically believe that is beyond me...just a waste of time to even try. Yes, it's a lot of money. But that isn't because they are expensive, it's because it's a lot of components. If you don't need 'em all, someone would do well to buy them and sell off just what they don't need. You can't get hurt because you're paying old prices...would more than likely make a bit. But for me, time is more important than money YMMV. So, if you want all or nearly all the components, please first do the research and the math, THEN contact me with an offer and I will try and work with you.
  2. Diamond Pacific Tumbler and 15 lbs of stainless steel pins.
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