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  1. I am interested, but have to check on my availability. I'll be in touch over the next couple of days.
  2. Price reduction on the table. I really need this stuff gone. This is cheap folks. The 3/4" steel plates cost over $500 and the C-channel was about $200. Steel isn't getting any cheaper. It's an easy project and you get to custom make the table to your own needs/specs rather than trying to buy a used one that 'works' for you.
  3. Due to a partial sale the listing has been updated. Sold the welder, and by request have added individual prices.
  4. Nobody needs a plasma cutter or welder? or a kick ass welding table? ? If you are even remotely considering this, just shoot me an offer, I need to sell all my large tools so am not looking for top dollar, just need to have it all gone.
  5. Thanks for the compliment. I get great satisfaction out of making old tools better than when they rolled off the assembly line. I just never use them, just enjoy restoring them. Not sure of the weight. I would guess the saw itself is about 150 - 175 lbs. The saw is solid cast iron, but it's not a large saw. Having had a large bandsaw in the past I found that it was a bear to move and took up a ton of floor space and height was an issue. This saw is perfect for the home hobbiest who wants a small saw but appreciates the quality of 'ole American iron'. You just can't compare the build quality of the American made stuff from the '40's to todays imports.
  6. Sold. Mods please remove.
  7. The listing started as a "package" deal. I thought that was a way I could save folks some $ and save me the hassle of multiple sales, but I was mistaken. Seems everyone wants one thing or another. So, by request, I have now posted prices for the individual items. Maybe that will get them moved faster (but with a bit more work/time on my end) In preparation for a move I am selling all of my larger shop tools. Look for other listings to come soon. I know what it's all worth but I have a lot to sell and not a lot of spare time so am knowingly selling my equipment cheap just to get it all moved. For now I am starting with my welding gear. Lincoln AC 225 Welder: SOLD Welds great and has never let me down. Has factory wheel kit, 20' leads, original Lincoln ground clamp and stinger. A little dirty but unit has no dents and leads are in great shape. Works as it should. Plasma Cutter + Compressor NAPA Plasma Cutter: SOLD Manufactured in the USA by Marquette/Lincoln. Manuals and support are available from Lincoln. I added front castors to the factory 2 wheel setup so it rolls really easily. Comes with an extra torch and loads of consumables (electrodes, tips, swirl rings and nozzles. Works great. Emglo Air Compressor: SOLD Made in the USA. Not a cheapie import or box store compressor. This is a professional grade 1.5 hp unit made to last. Has an oil bath pump unlike the cheaper 'dry' run pumps in the import/box store units. Great, great compressor. 3/4" Welding Table - $400 reduced (I really need everything gone) $300 You have to build the base, but if you already know how to weld then this is easy, and you get to build it to your own specs/needs. 3/4” Steel for Welding Table Top: With 2" slots between pieces for clamps (far more useful than a solid slab), the table measured approx. 4' x 3' when assembled. I disassembled it to move to my basement and never reassembled it. 5 pieces, 3/4” x 7” x 36” (1 piece is 45” long) Bottom side is coated for protection, tops are clean metal. Best price I could find on-line was $90 per piece. Superstrut for Welding Table Base: 70 ft total (retail $27/10' so $190) 4 10' lengths 2 10' lengths that have been cut 80” 40” 1 10' length cut 60” 60” Buy the table and I'll also include a FREE welding cylinder: 330 cf 75/25 argon/CO2, almost empty, needs a cert. Cylinder is in great shape but out of cert. and welding suppliers vary on their exchange policies so I cannot guarantee utility. Hence it is FREE if you purchase the table.
  8. If this falls through please contact me, I am interested but didn't see listing until moments ago.
  9. Some sold, some left, some changes. By request, asking prices for individual die sets now listed.
  10. Via PM someone has spoken for all the bullets and brass. After the sale happens I will change ad to SOLD, meanwhile if interested in anything else in the ad, please PM me. Thanks.
  11. Some sold, some left, some changes. By request, asking prices for individual die sets now listed. I dropped shooting many calibers, so I am thinning out my reloading gear and components. Can meet in the Morristown/Randolph/Mendham area for any sale over $25. Will ship Priority Mail at cost if prepaid with postal money order. The only item I might consider in trade is an automatic (12v electric) trap thrower. see pics at end Components: ALL SOLD Dies: All remaining sets (1,2,3,5,6) for $120 OBO. If they don't sell as a bundle then I may divide the sets up and go the Ebay route. I initially priced the sets 25-50 each, depending (total $235). But instead, I've decided to offer the bundle at a large discount to save the time and trouble of multiple small sales, shipping etc. (basically buying 3 sets and the rest are gratus). All dies are rust free, have scratch free interiors and produce perfect ammo. Some of the decapping pins should be replaced. set #1: $40 9mm RCBS carbide sizer, CH speed seater (really nice die), CH taper crimp, machinist made powder check die, 9mm loaded cartridge gauge set #2: $25 9mm Pacific Durachrome carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die set #3: $40 .357 mag Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die, machinist made powder check die, .357 mag loaded cartridge gauge set #4: $40 SOLD .38 sp Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die, machinist made powder check die, .38 sp loaded cartridge gauge (the top of the sizing die was milled by 3mm, does not affect function) Yes, I realize .38 and .357 typically use the same dies but it is useful to have 2 sets so you can leave them setup/adjusted for each caliber. set #5: $25 .45 acp Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die with extra seater insert to customize to your bullet shape set #6: $25 9mm Redding carbide sizer .45-70 RCBS sizer (no decapping stem) .380 acp RCBS carbide sizer (no decapping stem) .38 sp RCBS seat/crimp (no stem) SOLD Misc. Reloading Equipment: Dillon AT 500 powder die - $18 $15 https://www.dillonprecision.com/at-500-powder-die_8_4_23631.html Dillon standard powder die (New) - $13 $10 https://www.dillonprecision.com/dillon-powder-die_8_4_23603.html loaded cartridge counter - $25 $20
  12. Walmart's website says that there are no stores stocking these within 50 miles of NNJ. Clearly it's incorrect if some of you have found them in Flemington and Clinton but after calling around, I am having no luck close to home. Has anyone seen these in a Walmarts in Morris County? If so, where?
  13. In summer, sunshine works great. Spread on old sheet and lay outside in sun to dry, takes an hr or so. Advantage: fast, free and unlimited quantity. In winter, throw brass on cookie sheet, then into clothes dryer on the drying rack. You can set the temp and time. Dries 1000 cases in 5 min.
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