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  1. price drop. I have to move these. Norco $125 Dayton $85
  2. Hoist sold. Floor jacks still available.
  3. Yet another price reduction on the hoist. I need it gone, preferably this weekend.
  4. Price on the hoist reduced to $275. I need it gone.
  5. Cheap already, but I'll entertain offers.
  6. I really need this gone, so another price reduction. This is really cheap guys, surely somebody could use this.
  7. I am interested, but have to check on my availability. I'll be in touch over the next couple of days.
  8. Price reduction on the table. I really need this stuff gone.
  9. Due to a partial sale the listing has been updated. Sold the welder, and by request have added individual prices.
  10. Nobody needs a plasma cutter or welder? or a kick ass welding table? ? If you are even remotely considering this, just shoot me an offer, I need to sell all my large tools so am not looking for top dollar, just need to have it all gone.
  11. Thanks for the compliment. I get great satisfaction out of making old tools better than when they rolled off the assembly line. I just never use them, just enjoy restoring them. Not sure of the weight. I would guess the saw itself is about 150 - 175 lbs. The saw is solid cast iron, but it's not a large saw. Having had a large bandsaw in the past I found that it was a bear to move and took up a ton of floor space and height was an issue. This saw is perfect for the home hobbiest who wants a small saw but appreciates the quality of 'ole American iron'. You just can't compare the build quality of the American made stuff from the '40's to todays imports.
  12. Sold. Mods please remove.
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