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  1. Hello Coltnut,

    mind if I ask what other venue, I have some vintage audio I need to part with.

    thank you

    1. Coltnut


      Craigslist. Had to deal with a bunch of spammers and flippers (lowballers who resell), but someone local saw the ad and bought it all. You will get more reliable people, and more genuine offers from Facebook Marketplace (because it's not anonymous on either end), and I have sold (and bought) more items through that venue in the past than Craigslist, but this time around it just happened to be Craigslist. What type of vintage gear do you have for sale? Why not post it here as well, can't hurt.

    2. Domer79


      OK, thanks for the advice, I'll try Facebook.

      I have an NAD 4300 am/fm tuner and a Nackamichi RX-202 cassette deck left.

      spent most of their lives in storage in the original boxes, I moved and traveled a lot over the years.

      This is my massive cleanout summer , I'll be posting more here.


  2. Sold via another venue.
  3. Diamond Pacific Tumbler and 15 lbs of stainless steel pins.
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