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  2. Walmart's website says that there are no stores stocking these within 50 miles of NNJ. Clearly it's incorrect if some of you have found them in Flemington and Clinton but after calling around, I am having no luck close to home. Has anyone seen these in a Walmarts in Morris County? If so, where?
  3. In summer, sunshine works great. Spread on old sheet and lay outside in sun to dry, takes an hr or so. Advantage: fast, free and unlimited quantity. In winter, throw brass on cookie sheet, then into clothes dryer on the drying rack. You can set the temp and time. Dries 1000 cases in 5 min.
  4. I've got a 2001 TJ, Sport, 4.0 I6, manual, Dana 44, factory upgraded sound system and every available option from Chrysler. Had the 2 top option, hard top is gone now (no desire for it), but it is factory wired for it (for defrost/wiper etc) should you want to put a hard top on. The car has 44k miles on it, none of which were in the snow or the rain! So, ZERO rust. Still has the original factory paper stickers on the underbody components (shocks etc.)! Basically it's a time capsule. I bought it because I wanted a 4WD, 4 passenger convertible and I didn't want to buy an Audi (the only other option at the time) Soon after buying it, I decided that it was too nice to drive in the winter snow/salt (I know, crazy for a Jeep, but that's how I felt, and I had other cars i could use for that), so it became a summer only car and I rarely drive it. I wanted the handling improvements of the TJ's over earlier models but also didn't want the plastic bits on the later models (grill/door handles etc). I wanted the tried and proven torquey 4.0 I6 of the TJ and not the later 'minivan' V6. I wanted a Dana 44 rear end and also a 5 spd manual trans. So, to me, the TJ (97-06) is the best generation. I have all of that in this TJ and it is essentially a new vehicle. Even under the hood, and underneath the vehicle, it looks brand spanking new. Every year I tell myself that I am taking it out of storage and going to drive it more, but I never seem to drive it more than a few hundred miles per summer. So, I have been mulling over selling it. I will never find another like it, so am hesitant, don't want to have seller's remorse. But, I may just do it. As far as advice for the OP, if you're interested in an insanely nice 5 spd. 4.0 Sport TJ, by all means, give me a shout, but truthfully, as much as I love the Wrangler for driving around town on sunny days, it's not a long distance cruiser. If you are planning on driving 60 miles each way to work I'd buy a cheap used import that gets 30 mpg and call it a day. Steve
  5. I don't have any of those bullets for sale, but I do have a good source. PM me. Regarding the brass, lets move all sales related talk to the classifieds section. I believe that that is what the mods would want.
  6. Okay. I wasn't sure on pricing, that's why I asked for advice here. i got my starting asking prices from the averages of Gunbroker sold prices on recent auctions. Figured that's what people are paying plus shipping. I reasoned that locally folks are saving shipping so that is something, and a reasonable starting point. Lowered it a lot since then. I believe that I am below market now, but I am open to offers if the sale is convenient. I am not looking for top dollar, convenience is a big factor for me which is why i wanted to sell it all at once, locally. Or trade it for other brass.
  7. I understand, but I was giving much of the other calibers away. Figured if someone wants the 38/40/5.56 I'll just throw in the rest gratus. But, if nobody wants that deal, I guess I'll separate em out. Tonight I'll edit the ad for separate caliber sales and see how it goes. If it doesn't sell that way, I'll try it on another forum i belong to that has a lot more revolver guys. The .38's there are selling for almost 2x what i am offering them here for, but the easier local ftf sale was worth the hit to me. Mistakenly thought you guys would quickly snap it up, that's why i asked for advice. I'll edit the ad later. Thanks.
  8. I guess you could be right. But It doesn't pay to sell or even give away the lower quantity stuff because it would cost more in gas or shipping than those items are worth. So, I couldn't expect anyone to buy those separately. Therefore, I though 'what the hell', I'll price the .38's, 40's, rifle brass and 12 ga. and give away the rest of it free to whomever bought the main calibers. I suppose I could break up the .38's and the .40's and the 5.56's into separate lots, but then gas/shipping would kill any savings the buyer would get. Unless, of course, we happened to live in the same town for example. Do you think I misjudged and that people would pay for shipping on such small quantities of brass?
  9. Not sure I understand. Wasn't too long ago that everyone was complaining about the unavailability of reloading supplies, now nobody wants them? I put some brass up for sale in the classifieds. I thought it would go in a NY minute. It hasn't. So, either nobody has any money, I've priced it too high or I listed it in the wrong place (maybe it should go under accessories instead of ammunition? I don't see any other brass listed under the ammo section.) Anyway, can someone advise me? Not pimping it here, that is what the classifieds are for. But I am down so low that i can't believe nobody wants it. Which makes me think I am not putting the ad in the right place. just looking for input as to pricing and where to properly list it is all. Moderators: This is not an ad. i have an ad up. I am simply looking for advice on pricing here. If inappropriate, I apologize and will gladly remove this post, I just didn't know where else to ask values.Thanks.
  10. In light of all the new bills being proposed, before I do a private handgun transfer, I wanted to check and make sure that no new laws have been passed regarding this, as of yet. I don't believe that anything has changed regarding private ftf handgun transfers between 2 NJ resident FID/p2p holders, but figured I'd ask here and see if anyone has anything to say to the contrary.
  11. I was referring to OBSOLETE weapons, such as an antique pinfire gun or .41 rimfire for example. Never-the-less, as I understand it, those ARE considered handguns with NO distinction from a modern firearm under the law in NJ. I won't even contemplate breaking ANY laws in NJ, or even entering any gray areas, simply not something I would do. I just wanted confirmation of my understanding about buying oos since these aren't considered firearms anywhere but here, that's all.
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