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  1. Jeff, Great seeing you and thank you for the AAR. I'm glad that you enjoyed the class but more importantly that you got a lot out of it. You are 100% correct, most of the IFAKS out there come pretty well stocked, and are designed around specific hazards. With a few tweaks, and a small investment in additional gear, you get more comprehensive coverage for different types of emergencies. No course is designed to turn you into doctors but having some knowledge when things go bad, greatly increases our chances of survival. Look forward to seeing you next time around.
  2. Jeff, Looking forward to seeing you there. Check out the link to our LinkedIn posting on this topic. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/stop-bleed-david-wiklanski
  3. Candyman, We can certainly schedule one on a weekend if that's what the members want. Looking at the educational trending, Fridays/Tuesday/Thursday are the most popular days followed by Wednesdays. I'm guessing it has something to do with kids sports in the spring but if you want to give me 3 weekend dates that work for you, I'll do my best to make it work. I'm very open to suggestions including class times and hours (the joy of being your own boss).
  4. Circling back around, the trauma classes are Tuesday 3/22 and Thursday 3/24. Additional information in the Traumatic Injury Management thread.
  5. Piscataway. Had to get confirmation that my room was available.
  6. For those of you that have inquired, my company will be offering our Traumatic Injury Management 1 course on March 22nd, 2016 at 1900 hours. This course is designed to give the student a primer in trauma medicine, and get hands on with a variety of the types of tourniquets, trauma bandages, and bleeding control agents so that they can make an educated decision on what they would prefer to carry for their personal medical kits. We are also pleased to announce that Traumatic Injury Management 2 (TIM2) has been released. This course picks up where TIM1 left off and starts with a quick review of the major concepts, and goes right into all hands on, scenario driven learning so students can shake out their kits, adapt what they are carrying in order to cover most possible emergencies and also learn techniques to "MacGyver" their way through an emergency should you find yourself in a non-permissive environment. The first public offering of TIM 2 will be on March 24th, at 1900 hours. TIM1 is a prerequisite for attendance. It will be announced tomorrow on our facebook page, but sworn LEO's will receive a 50% discount on tuition to TIM1. I have a lot of family and close friends that are LEOs and I want to do everything I can to make sure they get home to their families and loved ones at the end of their tour. Please visit www.alphaomegatrainingsolutions.com for registration purposes. If you have questions, please let me know. There are several forum members that have attended TIM1 if you have any questions regarding the overall course, I know I prefer recommendations before I shell out my money to someone that I'm not sure of.
  7. No problem, the pilot offering is being run this week, once the details are hashed out and I get the feedback from the small group, I should have a better timeline. I'm going to say April since I have a wedding to go to and teaching trauma destresses me Looking forward to having you back for another class.
  8. You can check out Tactical Element, they generally do classes out of state that are what you are looking for. As Checko mentioned, the Traumatic Injury management 1 class addresses the combat trauma medicine angle. We will be rolling out TIM2 which is scenario driven and focuses on more of the hard skills that we taught in TIM1. That should be rolling out 2nd quarter 2016 as we are putting together the pilot class to fine tune it currently. DHS has the Stop the Bleed campaign as previously mentioned which is the NAEMT B-Con (Bleeding Control) training course. My work agency is currently looking to roll this out for all of our public schools as EMTs aren't allowed in active shooter situations until the shooter has been neutralized (rescue task force excluded), so training faculty and staff to keep themselves alive is a great endeavor. If you have any other questions, shoot me an email: [email protected] Thanks.
  9. I believe the county B.O.Elections keeps printed copies on hand, unknown how many any one person can take but if that's the cost from Staples, that's not bad considering the quantity that you will receive. Timing is very important, but not in the scope that you are thinking. Once a vote is cast, the county BOE knows how many are sitting in their office, and will not allow a winner to be announced until these are counted and verified. Same with provisional ballots. With that in mind, the candidates should be alerted to the fact that there is a huge push in mail in ballots and to hold off on anything too rash. Manning a booth at local gun shows, events, etc would get these forms into the hands of the individuals that you are looking to target, while preventing the cold call mentality. What's likely a scary number, is the amount of people simply not registered to vote. Voter Registration forms are also simple, downloadable, and easy to fill out and submit. I have a stack sitting on my desk just so as I notice new voters moving into the neighborhood, I can introduce myself, and get them registered, or update their address, as it is often not one of the first things we consider doing when we end up in a new location. I have a meeting Monday night for our reorganization purposes, I'll see what other ideas people have for increasing voter turnout.
  10. Here is a link to the form. I was wrong, it does require a stamp. The benefit to these is they can be hand delivered. An assistor (info on app) can hand deliver up to a certain amount (10 IIRC) to the Board of Elections. Have it in your range bag, get into a conversation with someone, they fill it out, you can either mail it for them or hand deliver it. When I used to go door to door and register new voters in my area, I always made sure to offer to handle the paperwork once they completed it, as I know that if I put something on my desk, it might disappear into the pile and not get done. Taking the responsibility off of that person to submit this form, makes sure that they get it done. http://www.state.nj.us/state/elections/form_pdf/vote-mail-ballot-012712.pdf
  11. Society as a whole has become more complacent and less willing to participate in any of the "normal" processes that our parents and grandparents felt were very important. Due to this laziness, the voter turnout numbers are dropping dramatically. A solution that comes to mind is indulge this laziness. Registered voters are permitted to vote by mail if they are not able, or willing to go to the polling place on Election day. With that being said, there is a form that they can fill out and mail in (probably the hardest part) and the Board of Elections will mail them the ballot, and (IIRC) provides it as a no postage required return option. This will allow the voter to exercise their right, without having to leave their couch. As we are talking to our fellow gun owners, perhaps having a few of these forms on hand or in your range bag isn't a bad idea. After the first time of doing a mail in ballot, you typically continue to receive them until you stop it. With regard to the boots on the ground efforts, they sound great on paper, but for a vast majority of them, it isn't worth the time and effort. I was recently re-elected to a position. In my district, we received 44 voters (rain, cold, bad weather all impacted this). Typically we have well over 200. A crew of 5 guys spent 90 minutes going door to door posting reminder stickers about voting, and still only received 20% of our usual voters. Individuals with great track records of voting, simply answered that they forgot.
  12. @werder, how was the class? I'm a fan of their products but haven't attended any of their programs. Looking for some kind of AAR and your thoughts. Thanks.
  13. Our next offering of the traumatic injury management 1 course will be April 22nd in Piscataway. There is another posting with additional information. Thank you all for the referrals, I look forward to seeing you there.
  14. Sorry for the absence lately and thanks for the referrals. My FT job got in the way of my company (Promotional exams for those of you that understand the wonderful Civil Service system). Anyway, I just posted a date for the next offering of the Traumatic Injury Management course. We had several requests and being life is easing up a bit (ok, that's a lie), we can make it happen. If that date doesn't work, or if you need a class more North or South and have some people and a location, let me know. We'll see what we can do to make it work for you.
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