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  1. well that was a pleasant surprise. Just under 4 months....LOL
  2. Just went for more P2Ps in jackson. Fingerprinting required after 2 years. Nothing changed. Still have sign hanging saying delays due to volume of requests. Betting it will be June or July before I see them...
  3. Great transaction. Very very painless. Nice compliance work too! Thanks Jack!
  4. i was thinking the same thing!
  5. Check with sos beagles. They always have young ones! Located in Atco. Linda Forrest is the contact. Best of luck finding a new best friend!
  6. Cohibas...with a good port...depending on the style it can have the aroma of chocolate and leather. it's nice to have a sister in law that has dual citizenship!
  7. Ain't it the truth! I have a 53 inch viking, but I prefer to cook on my little weber kettle or my Klose log burner.I had a genesis before. Lasted a long time....can't go wrong with a weber....
  8. that is true. like I mentioned previously, if a diagnosis is made and there is a cap on that injury/illness, it immediately takes effect. VPI has more capped illnesses and diagnosis. Trupanion doesn't from what I read and have been told. That said, we still have VPI. I know we spent over the cap for our Trents seizures last year because we got a few bills returned unpaid due to max payout. Its all a guessing game really...only the insurers know all the loop holes. I'd still rather be with VPI than uninsured.
  9. Premiums vary depending on breed and age. I picked a 250 deductible cause I was comfortable with that amount. they offer higher and lower deductibles too. If you follow the link I embedded it should open a pdf of the full list of caps as currently set. Interestingly enough, our little beagles name is Trent(on) too. Named after where we plucked his ass off the road..
  10. VPI has per diagnosis caps. So for our little guy..once he was diagnosed with epilepsy, the epilepsy cap took effect. from that point on the max return I would get on treatment was $620 per year. which isn't hard to exceed if its uncontrolled. once under control, routine testing and meds will use most of that amount. I don't recall the actual amount. I just kept submitting receipts and they kept sending checks. Until we hit the cap..The cap number is before deductible so depending on what $ you set as deductible, you would pay that amount, then they would pay up to their cap. They do explain that in their docs. They list a lot of common canine illnesses, and their per year cap here . Also a lot of typical procedures and tests are listed along with maximum yearly payouts. From what I was told and read, trupanion does not have per diagnosis caps..
  11. From my experience with VPI, Trupanion is the better of the two. They do not have caps on specific common illnesses that I know of.. VPI does. I hadn't looked at Embrace but I am pretty sure they are decent too. I've heard good things about all of them. Once the animal is diagnosed with a long term illness, you can not transfer companies and have them cover that pre existing condition. I wouldn't expect them to...That said,having the VPI plan has saved us considerable cash when our youngest rescue beagle started having seizures. Not that I wouldn't do it anyhow, but he's been in and out of Northstar plenty since his first episode back in October. We hit the cap on his illness in March, a month before his plan would rollover. So it cost us out of pocket...you just can't plan for everything..but like I said, we'd do it regardless of insurance..We also bought the normal health plan. If you take them twice a year for check ups and shots, you end up slightly ahead of the cost. If you use heartguard and frontline they cover that too for half a year. Read the fine print carefully is my best advise and ask a lot of questions. We found out the hard way about the cap, but now that we know he has epilepsy and is being treated, we can corral the costs and VPI will pay for his meds and neurology visits this year entirely. Half the reason you would buy insurance is for peace of mind. You really never want to use it, but when you do you'll be real glad it's there.... Good luck with your new little one and may he stay healthy and never need the plan you choose!
  12. Uh yea. That's the fun part. First one I was on Vicodin for a week. Second time, 2 days. You'll want some pain meds just in case. Ice works miracles for the first few days, but directly post op, when the nerve block and anesthetic wears off, you want to be ready....trust me...enjoy the diversion..
  13. had both knees done. One back in 02 and the other in 07. As said before, it all depends on the surgeon and technique. First one was fairly painful recovery. Second one, I was up and walking the next day. Do the PT religiously. Icing the knee post op is the ticket. Keep it elevated and iced for the first 2-3 days for as long as you can stand it.. I know its late but the surgeon I used both times was at Princeton Orthopedic. Dr Jolly. Great guy with a great team down there. Even that said, both knees are subject to arthritis now and occasionally flare up. Other than that, its a piece of cake. Good luck!
  14. so sorry for your loss. We never get over the loss of a best friend, but thats what helps keep those memories alive forever.
  15. LOL... here shitty..sit shitty.. the only bad part about names like this...if you need to get meds at a pharmacy, imagine the clerks face when they ask the pets name? or better yet when they call to tell you to prescription is ready? I have one for pick up for shitty carmichael.... this will keep me laughing at least another hour..thanks..
  16. sorry for your loss. Names for dogs usually fit their personality or breed..or are completely whimsical. You'll know what to name the pup in a few days of learning its personality traits, otherwise...just wing it.. I heard the most interesting name for a cat last Friday whilst taking our 2 Beagles in for checkups... Baldass. Seriously, the woman said she let her kids name it.
  17. Sorry for your loss. That is the one of life's tough moments. I would also suggest looking for a rescue with some age, 1-2. Puppies are tough and eat up a lot of time along with most of the house. We all forget how much trouble they got into once they are grown through the puppy phase. That said, find one that steals your heart and go with it. It'll never replace the one you lost but it will help immensely with the healing process.
  18. Guess you saw that I blamed you for my new addiction..Love your tank!
  19. We have a small reef setup. 12g nano in the house. Not too bad with maintenence. It's a bad addiction...corals..I blame George @ Plumsted Arms. I saw his tank and was bitten... Also an 1800g koi pond out back. That requires a bit more time! Try fish factory in bristol. Not the prettiest of places, but decent inventory. They also opened an outlet store down the road. There are also a few private coral sellers in nj. Ultimate coral in Jackson is one of the best. Join a local forum too. There are always good sources for info. Ron
  20. Lookin real good!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Mine says shipped too...it does seem weird....it's been so long it feels wrong....
  22. i'm sure you know this but you need to paint pits warm. Heat it all up to op temp, then let the fire die and remove all ash. clean off with odorless mineral spirits, then your choice of bbq paint. once it dries out, do a few more coats while its warm ...heat it up gently again, then oil it down with peanut or canola oil especially the firebox . really makes a dif in the paint adhesion and subsequent flexibility. its amazing how much oil they soak up. then oil it up again and cure it with a sacrificial chicken! I reoil mine at least 3 times a year post cooking. Still looks new..
  23. Looks great so far! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. sorry to be late to the answer but yes, that wood stove gasketing would fit the bill just fine. the nomex bge stuff is cool too... I have seen people use water heater insulation wraps...since the cooking chamber *rarely* gets over 300.
  25. That's going to be a nice pit when you get it done. I did not build mine but I've own a a fare share of them. My current pit is a Klose. With all I've learned from the different manufacturers and how I like to cook, I have my dream list of options.. If I could weld worth a damn, I'd have built one too... While building think of these things: insulated firebox. Line it with firebrick so it can maintains low temps for longer. You might want to also insulate the cooking chamber as well. Make sure you have good draft control. While the chimney is WFO, the intake needs a good range of control to throttle the heat. I assume you are going for a stick burner? Consider these suggestions. Build a charcoal basket to fit in your firebox. Makes long sessions easier without adding coal or wood. Build it so it burns coals in the minion method. S shaped. Also, consider adding a baffle between the firebox and main cooking chamber, if you can make this adjustable, it will be much easier to control the cooking chamber temps. Make sure the cooking chamber door has gaskets or you'll lose precious heat.. You might want to build a stainless ash pan for the firebox so it doesn't rust out on you. Oh yea. Dimple the bottom of the cooking chamber and stick a 3 inch ball valve on it for easy grease removal! I got some of these options on my Klose..and they were worth every penny. Good luck and post more pics as you build it!
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