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  1. Sorry but I haven’t bought a gun privately in any years, how does one go about it now?
  2. Is this a manual or automatic? Also which engine does it have? Thank you
  3. done via pp.we just had our little milo spend a couple nights at garden state vet. hosp. so i know how you feel..good luck
  4. i have the rossi version and they are a lot of fun. they are a lot more fun and manageable in 44 spl
  5. Voted. after reading the article it reminded me of something that has been really bugging me, i don't understand why people from CT keep coming to NJ to fight for tougher gun laws in states other than their own.
  6. i was just getting permits, this was in october and they told me 4.5 months and i got the call they were ready in just under 30 days
  7. is it actually taking that long? they told me the exact same thing and like i said in previous post, i got the call that they were ready in just under 30 days
  8. i just got my p2ps 3 weeks ago, they told me it was going to be 4.5 months but i got them in less than 30 days
  9. anybody have or know about the chiappa rhinos?
  10. I'd be in for 1 in ocean county (Brick) or CJRPC
  11. ok thanks guys, it sounds like the lee classic is the way to go. i found it available and in stock at midway for $219 that sounds like a decent price to me http://www.midwayusa.com/product/785993/lee-4-hole-turret-press-with-auto-index-deluxe-kit
  12. hey guys, i want to start reloading and i have been reading some other posts but i still have some questions, i have been shooting a lot more lately (going through more and more ammo) so i think its time to start.i want to reload 38spc/357,40s&w,45lc,45acp,44spc/mag the most but i will also be reloading 223/556 and some 308. we all know how hard it is to find some of this ammo these days and my biggest question is should i try and buy a nicer, more expensive progressive kit because i have a feeling thats what i will wind up doing eventually or is it better to start small? thanks Ed
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