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  1. Cam'mown

    Thunder Ranch

    Agreed Ron.... It had everything I wanted on it. Love the hi-vis sight and the short stock. Paid $350 for it which I thought was definitely a fair price for all the extras it had. Picked up the Mako grip for $25 and the blackhawk sling for $12. Took it out last week and it ran great. Only issue I had was that, not being a hunter or prior shotgun owner, I didn't realize there was a plug in the tube. Couldn't figure out why I could only load 2+1 hahahaha
  2. Link to mine http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43607-thunder-ranch/
  3. Cam'mown

    Thunder Ranch

    Federal Breast Cancer shells! Awesome
  4. Cam'mown

    Thunder Ranch

    Picked this up last week. Mossberg 500. Added a Mako foregrip and a 15 shell strap.
  5. Hey maksim, Any reason you're thinking of selling the Baby Eagle?
  6. I'm looking at Stoeger Cougar and Baby Eagle .45
  7. I think I've narrowed it down to these 2. Both felt great at the shop, but haven't shot either.
  8. Just got my new permits after 5 days, so this decision is moved up on the timetable. I am impressed with how the baby eagle feels, but I don't know anyone that has personally shot one. If anyone has any opinions, I'd like to hear them. I am looking at the .45 version Thanks
  9. My FID and 2 permits took 45 days and my Wife's FID and 2 permits took 21 days. So I just applied for 2 more permits on Thursday last week and they are ready. 5 days Awesome!
  10. Welcome from a Freehold native
  11. Hey Anthony, how long ago did you get that eagle from Shore Shot? I went in there the other day and they had it for $625. That's the MSRP. I thought that was a little high
  12. It's Awesome! Even more so that she's kick ass at it. And dare I say, a better shot than me.
  13. Basically correct.. just checking on any reasons I shouldn't like experiences from others. I couldn't think of any myself, so I figured is ask my gun peers.
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