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  1. When I asked the pd about extensions, I was talking about e permits. Automatic extensions are not deterrents, but writing letters to the chief is. They have the ultimate authority to extend it or not. Also, what exactly do they want me to write. Lol
  2. I was just told I had to write a letter to the chief of police in Monroe if I wanted to renew my permits. Where did you find literature saying that it was automatically renewed? Seems like a deterrent to getting permits.
  3. Looking for any mossberg 12ga shotgun .
  4. I just purchased a handgun today so I have 30 days. But I’m willing to put a deposit on one. Thanks in advance
  5. I had the 30 and love it. Sold it now regret it
  6. I had a Glock 30sf and loved it. Anyone selling any?
  7. Just got the permits in... looking for Glock’s in .45 but will consider any .45 depending on price. Thanks
  8. Woodbridge pd here. Applied on 3/26. References were sent out immediately and returned promptly with confirmation. When I called the clerk she said that I have to wait for an email about mental health consent. I thought I had already done that. Is the st 066 included in the application. I kind of forgot since the last time I bought was by paper application and it took exactly 30 days..... I paid $21 with 5 permits
  9. anyone live in Woodbridge?. just applied for some PP about 30 days ago. when I called the clerk, she said everything is done by email and that she would not be Able to find the status...
  10. also looking for muzzle brakes.. lmk thanks can trade a fde Magpul fixed stock..
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